3 comments on “ከ60ዎቹ ፖለቲካ ወደ ሀያ አንደኛው ክ/ዘመን ፖለቲካ (በመርስዔ ኪዳን)

  1. Dear Mersea Kidan.
    You are really matured and true Ethiopian .You are Great!!!
    I know you will face many challenges from those ”barking old dogs ”but keep strong.
    You are one of the few civilised politicans who have the courage to tell the truth .
    I hope you will keep on teaching us.

  2. Wawwwwwwwwwwww
    What a precious man you are .EDP is a gathering of such briliant minds and pure soul.You are our hope.”Few committed individuals can change the world”
    I am sure that you (EDP) can bring about change to Ethiopi in the near future .BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Mersea

    I am glade to see a great brother like you.We(the new geberation) will be the winer.But do not forget to pay back “yabat eda” ,I think we are more than half way to finish that `Debt`.Be strong and committed person.Go with EDP===> THE PARTY OF THE FUTURE.

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