November 29, 2009

SIR BOB GELDOF fought back tears as he visited Ethiopia on a recent trip to open a school funded by the profits of his 2004 BAND AID 20 record.

Do They Know It’s Christmas? was re-recorded to raise funds five years ago, with stars including Chris Martin, Robbie Williams and Will Young participating on the record.
The money raised has gone to the poorest parts of Africa, and Geldof was delighted to return to the country to open an education facility in Hagere Selam, southern Ethiopia, which was paid for with some of the proceeds from the track.

He reunited with Birhan Woldu, who featured in the video for the original 1984 release, and the rocker admits she has had an overwhelming affect on him since they first met.
Geldof tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “Many people here, like beautiful Birhan, wouldn’t have been around but for the massive outpouring of generosity by the British public.

“Birhan is the daughter of Band Aid. I feel like her stepfather. You do stupid things like a record and a concert and it really does save lives. I saw people here 25 years ago starving and on the brink of being wiped out – but now their kids are playing rock ‘n’ roll and going to school.
“This is a different country now. The economy is growing at seven per cent and it needs an educated workforce.”