Interview with Engineer Hailu Shawel

November 30, 2009

Radio Fana interview with Engineer Hailu Shawel (source radio Fana)



7 comments on “Interview with Engineer Hailu Shawel

  1. As the good engineer says we don’t need that many political parties in Ethiopia.
    In my openion, we need only two main political parties. Parties such as AEUP, EDP and probably Andinet can be in one group because they have similar political progarm, well, not exactly the same.
    EPRDF and Medrek (minus Andinet) can be on the second group because EPRDF and Medrek are more or less the same in their policy except the fact that EPRDF is the ruling party and MEDREK is oppostion partiy.

  2. The good engineer said : ‘ We may have gained more than EPRDF out of this negotiation.’ I could not agree more with the engineer.

  3. EDP and AEUP are the only way to Ethiopian people
    Bravo!!!!! Hailu Shawel.
    This is called peacefull struggle

  4. Bravo Eng. Hailu Medreks said they want to discuss with woyane because they are secret to talk how to eliminate EDP and AEUP.
    Medrek has no any point of discussion.All their program is copied from EDP Kinijit

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