2 comments on “ስዬ ወደ አንድነት፤ የገነቡትን ለማፍረስ ወይስ ያልዘሩትን ለማጨድ

  1. Thanks Ethiofacts!
    It is good observation
    Siye fitts more to G7 not UDJ.Why both of them join this’party ” is they now that it is only name nothing inside
    Gizachew and the likes are nonsense persons who cant challenge even their kids.They see powr gap and they want to gain advantage.
    Why udj needs woyane exprience because they are the same dictators.nothing more in common
    TPLF/EPRDF leftovers are good for nothing

  2. After reading this article, Ato Seye has a lot to answer before he is considered as one of the opposition people. There are so many grey areas about Ato Seye. He has to come clean before he even thinks being accepted by the public!

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