2 comments on “የዶ /ር ያዕቆብ ሀሳብ መለዋወጥ (ከቀደምት)

  1. Wel said
    Thanks a lot
    Shame o ”Dr” Yaekob!
    Better to die than doing such shame with in one month.
    First no one asked him to oppen his mouth.
    He is so weak and he couldn’t withstand the pressure from few individuals who are equally responsible for the faoler ofv kinijit and all fabricated lies against Lidetu.

    Dr.Yaekob will change his mind and again say something again after a month .
    I am sure he is in shock because of Lidetus questions

  2. Thank you the writer
    That is true. He assumes that no one understand what he said before and what he is saying now . May be he is dull and he thinks allEthiopians are lke him.

    Maferya yaekob
    Drom sew baderajew meri sibal min yadrg
    Minim yemayaawukutn dirjit endimeru sidereg new negeru yemotew

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