አሉባልታ እያናፈሱ … (ከሄኖክ ሄደቶ)

January 18, 2010

አሉባልታ  እያናፈሱ  የጠነከረ ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲ ለመፍጠር ግብዓት መሆን አይቻልም!

ለማንበብ እዚህ ይጫኑ


5 comments on “አሉባልታ እያናፈሱ … (ከሄኖክ ሄደቶ)

  1. Dear Henok!!!
    What a nice observation
    Thank you so much
    ”Few committed citizens can change the world”
    Keep on your good job and I am sure you bring about a positive change.
    This are the so called Dr.s and a ”lawer”

  2. Henok

    You have a good writing skill. Keep it up. The content is good to. But it would have been better if you didnt attack Dr Yacob. It is not because I dont believe his actions were wrong that I am saying this. But as young men we should not get involved in unnecessary hostilities with specially old men like Dr Yacob. Their generation likes this kind of nasty exchange of bad words. It is that kind of politics which has kept our people in darkness. The only way we can reverse this pervasive disease of hostility is by simply ignoring or even by responding with good attitude.

  3. Dear respected Henok,

    Be aware about our history of antagonisms on leadership. So, what is wrong on people if we were confused and irritated on Lidetu and other KINJIT leaders who throw away the motives of the people and the country for their personal ideology?

    I don’t care about any political leader’s name my first concern unless and other wise he will become a leader of the country. It is the concern of the party. We have to get the right to give feed back and critics on political leaders by saying “Mangela” or “Kehadi” as can as we had the information about them. We have done the same on Woyane and PM Meles too. So, why not on Lidetu?

    They have to challenge these facts and try to be successful to lead us rather than being panic on their name and fame.

  4. Lidetu is really a mutured and farsited poletician. I am impressed by his analysis of ellection 1997. Thank you Henok for the information

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