Ethiopian Airlines position on the latest speculative reports

February 10, 2010

The investigation is still in its early stage and the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and the aircraft wreckage are not yet retrieved for analysis, it is therefore, too early to conclude the cause of the accident. Ethiopian Airlines does not rule out all possible causes including the possibility of sabotage until the final outcome of the investigation is known.

Ethiopian Airlines would continue to cooperate with the investigation team to complete the process in accordance with the ICAO regulation and reveal the truth.

We share the pain and sorrow of the families of our crew and dear passengers who have lost their lives in the accident.

source EAL


8 comments on “Ethiopian Airlines position on the latest speculative reports

  1. Lebanese officials continuously tell us it is the pilot error, referencing the flight controller. But how do we know the flight controller really communicated with the pilot in the first place, raising the issue of flight path. The fact that Lebanese officials are acting desperately to convince us that it is the pilot error before even the start of investigation and even before the voice recorder was checked for vital conversation between the flight crew and flight controller on the ground makes me believe that they are trying to hide something.

  2. It seems clear that the Lebanese officials are crumbling to hide the real cause of the plane crash. Is there anyway that the airline can take the case to an international court? It is so sad that the truth is getting further away by the day.

  3. yeabsra, my condolences to you and all your family on the loss of your sister.
    May God bless her soul

  4. what did really happen? we deserve to know
    and the sooner the better!
    my opinion, just an opinion, i don’t think it was the pilot
    i don’t have any evidence
    but i was a student pilot at the Ethiopian years before

  5. what do Lebanos officials response to recent invistigation by British member of al-kadia who was arrested in Sudia Arebia the cause of the accident was the act of terrorism. This is clear mesage for hasty conclusion but i am still accepting the recent speculation but to waite the final report of investigation team result rather giving opinion without evidence leads to fallacy

  6. My condolences yeabsera,i think it is a terrorist attack because
    people in that area said they saw a fire ball on the air and some web sites wrote that it broke down to three pieces before it fell into the sea.

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