3 comments on “Electoral Punch

  1. I thought it was a book review. But actually it is an attack and character assassinations. My guess is that the writer of the “Electoral punch” is one of the victims of the book, probably member of the old groupies masquerading as independent writer for Addis Fortune.

    Honestly, I haven’t read the book but I heard the book punches, very well, the good-for-nothing guys who are probably responsible for all our misery.

    Where can I get the book???

  2. Good observation, Shenkute. As for the availavility of the book, you can simply tell your relatives to send you one.

  3. I don’t agree with the writer. I have read the book and it is comparable with the ‘Audacity of Hope’ written by President Obama. I have two coppies of the book, and if you are interested – I can borrow you one. Send me an email with your mailling address.
    Dil le EDP

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