Dam these patronising Western campaigns

March 25, 2010

The Gibe III dam on the Omo River in Ethiopa, once completed, will be Africa’s second largest hydroelectric dam. The third stage in a five-part dam project, Gibe III is expected to extend electricity access to large swathes of the Ethiopian population, to raise per capita income levels, and to save lives by reducing the impact of droughts and floods. Read full article


One comment on “Dam these patronising Western campaigns

  1. imagine a little bit on what will happen if Gibe III, the local poverty, flooding, drought, this environment and natural endowment will be in Europe, USA and somewhere in the origin of these NGOs. In that case, I am sure, proper construction and proper operation of Gibe III would have no alternatives for Turkana, Mursi, Ethiopia, Kenya and the dark Africa at all. I assure my self because, I know how France developed vast nuclear energy projects that has developed so many difficulties on aquatic life of the world, I know how the world cooperate The Netherlands to stop flooding and to get more land from the sea with similar environmental problems, and so on. The only problem I understand from their petition campaign is that Gibe III and the beneficiaries are located in East Africa, where such NGOs want us to live as we were for their business.

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