Wake Up from your Madness

March 25, 2010

Mersea Kidan, March 24, 2010
Dear B Kassa Wubie,
I read your opinion that was posted on Fortune’s Opinion page. I appreciate your effort to convey your message in a seemingly civil manner. Considering the age you are at, it is one of the most civil opinions of your generation. But for my generation (I am 30 years old), it is merely an image tarnishing propaganda that is driven by the ego that pervasively infiltrated the minds and souls of your generation.

Having said that let me come to your seemingly civil but ill intended opinions. You started by drawing an image of Ato Lidetu as an Orator and a controversial person who is perceived as inconsistent and dishonest by Ethiopian people. There is no question that Ato Lidetu is an Orator, but only that doesn’t express him well. Anybody who knows him personally will tell you that he is an honest, upfront and a person of humility. No question that he also is smart and wise. What caught my attention in the above assertion of yours is the statement “generally perceived as inconsistent and dishonest to the Ethiopian people”. What a funny statement. I don’t blame you for making such a statement, because that is how your generation is doomed to think. What do you mean by Ethiopian people? Do you think Ethiopian people are homogeneous? I don’t perceive Ato Lidetu as inconsistent and dishonest, does that mean I am not an Ethiopian?  Let me tell you Ato B Kassa, Ethiopian people are so diverse not only in culture and ethnicity but also on their political stands. And so your assertion doesn’t hold water. There is no question that there were and are many people who were misled by the propaganda and image tarnishing campaign, but, I bet you the truth shall set him victorious eventually.

Then you tried to analyze EDP’s so called “Third way”. I haven’t seen any more superficial analysis than yours. First the “Third way” is neither a hypothesis nor a theory or an ideology. It is merely an alternative means to achieve the visions of the party.  You mentioned that neither the ruling party nor the opposition parties liked EDP’s “Third Way”. You are correct and that is why it is called “The Third Way”.  Then you continue putting your wish as a fact that EDP’s Third Way is not accepted by the people. I don’t know what your sampling technique is but you definitely took it from the wrong population. It is a fact that is growing bolder and bolder that EDP and its Leader Ato Lidetu are regaining their deserved leadership status in the new generation.

Then as I was reading your opinion I reached to a point where you put a statement that explains your simplistic and naive analysis and conclusions. You wrote “I question how there could be a “third option” in a political arena where the game is to possess power or lose, to rule or be ruled.”  Now I understand that you don’t even have the depth of thought to understand what the political struggle is for. You thought EDP or Ato Lidetu is doing all this to just win power. Well, I cannot blame you for thinking so for the reason that you are a member of “that generation” (“Ya Tiwuled”). But Ato B. Kassa, Allow me to help you raise your consciousness level to a higher level now. Here is the main reason for adopting “The Third Way”,… “To Change the rules of the game, by the rules of the game”…. To show you and the likes of you that there are millions of possibilities between winning and losing, to show that there are infinite points between 1 and 0, to show that there are infinite locations between north and south or east and west.
Ato B. Kassa, The duality is so simple for you to grasp so you want to define everything in that respect, but have you not seen where that simplistic approach of your generation have taken the country. Do you remember when EPRP and AESM (Ihapa & Meison) members were saying “There is no space between, with US or with THEM”, May be you are one of those people who were the perpetuators of this theory. I can definitely see that you are still victim of the simplistic duality theory on which Marxism dwells. Your simplistic theory of duality drove you to conclude that there is no such thing as “Third Way”. My brother, I tell you there is such thing as “Third Way” and even “Fourth Way” and Fifth and Sixth . . . infinite ways. For your dual mentality it is impossible to grasp. But if you open your mind and allow new ideas pour in, then you would understand it.

Your final statement “There is no such strategy as win-win in politics” is the ultimate evidence of the arrogance that has dominated the consciousness of your generation and that you are a victim of it. My friend, Yes, there is such thing as win-win strategy in politics when needs be. The elites of your generation have been pursuing the win-lose strategy only so far and what have they achieved? Hatred?, division?, poverty?, WAR?,. . .

In your opinion referring to EDP’s “rational and reasonable approach” you asked “Is that not what a rational (not mad) individual or society does?”

Here is my response to your question. Yes, That is what a rational individual or society does. But unfortunately you and most of your generation were not rational enough because you couldn’t think possibilities beyond duality. My favorite proverb of Albert Einstein goes “Insanity (Madness) is the act of doing the same thing again and again and expecting different result.”  The theory of duality has been proven time and again to be a source of all the evils that have befallen our country in the past half century. And now you are suggesting that we should stick to it. What else can be labeled as Madness than that?

My brother B Kassa, I ask you to open your mind and emancipate yourself from the ego that is controlling your mind and allow yourself to see all the forth coming possibilities. If you do that, I will for sure tell you that you will be able to see that EDP and its Leader Ato Lidetu are the  pioneers of politics of tolerance that will entertain not only “The Third Way” but as many as there could be.

With Kindest Regards,

Mersea Kidan


3 comments on “Wake Up from your Madness

  1. Dear Mersea!!!
    Thank you very much. You gave him a very nice lesson if he can read and understand it. The problem is as it has been said ”it hard to teach an old dog to sit”I don’t think he can understand it. He became old when he sings the same old song.This is what such individuals need to hear.
    What a very sharp pen. nice answer!!!
    Truth shall win!EDP is our hope.

  2. Dear Mersea,

    Allow me to declare from the start that I am an ardent supporter of EDP and its leader Ato Ledetu. I really admire your effort and zealious struggle in deffence of EDP.I salute Ato Ledetu, leaders and members of EDP for a successful launch of the 2002 election campaign. EDP is shining much in public once again thanks to the unwavering commitment of its leaders and members for the right cause. I have no doubt, what so ever, in my mind that one day, if not in the near future, that the polical line of EDP shall win the sympathy of the majority of the Ethiopian peole.

    Saying that I would like to raise one question that has bothered me these last few months a lot. I notice that many politically involved young men and women are disappointed on how the so called educated elite of the 60’s acted during and after the last election. I share their anger and disappointment. I also agree that their ideological background has influenced their action a lot. Education alone won’t make an individual a democrat. It is also appropriate and high time that the young generation gets actively involved in Ethiopian politics and takes over the leadership of political parties.

    What bothers me is that some people including influential people in EDP and you in your present article are trying to make the above mentioned problem, a problem of generations. A recent article by Fikru Ayele refers to it as the “old generations’ culprit virus transmitting to the present generation”. Many others in EDP,in their discussions with some previous leaders of Kinijit associates people of the 60’s, indiscriminately, with the left ideology and try to dissociate the young from the old. You in your answer to Mr. Wubie stated “because that is how your generation is doomed to think”.

    In my opinion generation as a whole has nothing to do with this. Such generalization is rather discriminatory, unfair and unscientific. Irrespective of their generation people can learn from their mistakes, grow and progress. There are a lot of people of the 60’s who have through the years distanced themselves from the ideology of the left and many more shall realize their mistakes in the future and abandon the brutal Marxist Leninist ideology. Those who messed up with the last election are individuals and their mistakes should be treated as such. We don’t have either to look for an escape goat for people like Andualem Arage and his likes and blame instead the old generation. He and his likes should bear the blame for the mistake they commit and no body else. So let us not try to make it a problem caused by a whole generation.

    Finally I would like, once again, to congratulate you for the effort you put in, in support of EDP. I would like also to salute EDP and its vibrant leaders for the magnificent election campaign for the coming election. I remain an ardent supporter of EDP.

  3. Dear Selam Lehulu!
    Thank you for your matured and honest opinion. It makes all us happy to see such wise people around EDP as usual.
    You are an honest person. I fully agree with you. It is unacceptable to generalize people of one generation in to one category. There is individual difference even in a every small group leave alone in one generation. So wish if the writers and other supporters of EDP try to correct their words and find another term or explanation for people who are involved in Ethiopian politics and doing all these messes. I know that EDP has very strong and committed supporters from the generation quoted and it is wise to recognize and respect them. I found it a very reasonable comment.
    Thank you Selam Lehulu
    Keep on sharing your valuable ideas!!!

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