Ethiopia – Interview with president of Ethiopian Democratic party (EDP), Lidetu Ayalew

April 3, 2010



Lidetu Ayalew, president of Ethiopian Democratic party (EDP)

For the past two decades the incumbent government in the upcoming may election had been perusing agricultural-led economic strategy. From your party’s perspective, was it the right policy for Ethiopia? And if you were elected, do you have any other plans?

As an overall policy direction, EDP does not believe that perusing one particular sector of the economy pays off and it is applicable for the current agriculture-based growth strategy that the ruling government is implementing. If we were elected, our growth strategy would be based on giving equivalent attention and focus to the sectors that are vital for economic growth. Here it should be clearly noted that what exactly we mean by equivalent attention to all the sectors. Of course, with 83 percent of the Ethiopian population dwelling in the rural areas, no one in their right mind would ignore the agricultural sector. We do not have the leverage of choosing to neglect agriculture. However, it is not the right sector to bring a structural transformation for the whole economy. Agricultural production would not have a significant impact on economic growth.

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