2 comments on “ኢዴፓን የመጥላት አባዜ ከፍቅሩ አየለ በላይ

  1. Many thanks Lidetu,

    You made me satisfied by putting very important points on the sin port request and war on Badme. EPRDF couldn’t tackle your clear defense on their long planned mistake. Siye did this long term known mistake covered but you was there at his side. You told us last time that you would be not participated after the next debate. But, you did good job.
    However, Lidetu:

    1) I don’t get your history that Ethiopia was with out port for 60 years. I don’t think, missing Eritrea was directly interpreted losing port legally and officially. Be careful!

    2) We have been always in danger with Somalia. And we have lived with rebels who have declared war from their bush. The same was done in Somalia by ALSHEBAB. Therefore, I don’t consider your support to EPRDF as blessing and supporting by other political parties as a curse. EPRDF did wrong act to devastate the danger before, during and after the entrance of our soldiers in Somali that made us in problem.

  2. In my opinion, we can not criticize EDP in connection with the implementation of the decision to defend Ethiopia from the ICU. The PM said Ethiopia was in danger from the ICU of Somali, which was clear to any one, and disclosed the government would defend in whatever way it could. I didn’t hear him saying “Ethiopia had planned to invade Somalia”. So you cannot criticize EDP in connection of what actually happened in Soamlia.

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