Unity For Democracy and Justice Holds Special General Assembly

April 19, 2010

Addis Ababa, April 18, 2010 (Addis Ababa) – Unity for Democracy and Justice held special general assembly in the presence of 177 of its founding members.

Some 177 of the 327 members of the unity party were in attendance at the meeting.

The General Assembly, which elected Prof. Mesfin Wolde-mariam as its Deputy Chairperson, finally gave a news conference.

Prof. Mesfin said the assembly was not intended to discuss the forthcoming national elections but to limit the number of the members of the national committee for the party.

This is not the time to discuss the election, he added.

Prof. Mesfin, who indicated that “There is no two unity party”, said “we recognize the Unity as a party which held its general assembly today”.

source ENA


One comment on “Unity For Democracy and Justice Holds Special General Assembly

  1. It was a big mistake for Eng.Gizachew and friends to expell so many members from UDJ. Now I guess the election board give recognition to UDJ headed by the Deputy president, profesor Mesfin (the president is obviously Birtukan Mideksa). Actually the rest of the members including Eng Shiferaw should have been present to prevent things from getting out of their control. I read on Reporter that Eng Gizachew’s group was told that the speciall assembly was cancelled, but it was not. ተሸወዱ ማለት ነው
    What will happen to Ato Siye and and Dr Negasso?

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