Europe flight ban hits Ethiopia’s flower exports

April 20, 2010

Some flower exporters told APA that due to the last week’s cancellation of flights, many flower exporters are unable to send any flower to the European market.

Tesema Tariku, an engineer in one of the flower export company said that business people in the flower sector are incuring great loses due to the incident.

Tariku who refused to name the company he is working for, indicated that if the situation continues in the coming few days, flower farms may be forced to lay off their employees until the situation returns to normal.

“It is difficult to tell you now how much the flight disrupts costs the exporters,” added Tariku.

It is almost five days since the Ethiopian flower exporters suspended their exports to the European market.

Flower exports have been generating huge amounts of foreign exhange for Ethiopia in excees of $300 million annually after coffee.