Ethiopia dumps 180 tonnes of roses destined Europe

April 21, 2010

100 tonnes of flowers that flew out to Europe were returned back after it reached Egypt due the flight ban. Ethiopia Horticulture producers and exporters association and the Ethiopian horticulture development agency said in a joint statement.   An additional 80 tonnes of roses were also dumped after waited too long to spoil in Addis Ababa international Bole airport cargo terminal.   “The horticulture industry has in total lost 700 tonnes of exports in the past few days.”   “The flight disruption is believed to continue for the next few days and necessary measures are underway to prevent similar losses” the statement added.   In 2009, Ethiopia’s horticulture industry has earned 150 million USD. Over 80 % of the horn of Africa country’s flower exports are destined in Europe.  

Travel chaos across Europe was caused after massive volcanic eruption in Iceland causing a massive flight backlog. (ST)

source Walta