4 comments on “በቅጥፈት የተሞላ የአቡጊዳዎች ዘገባ

  1. መቼመ ውሸት ምን ያረጋል፤ እድሜያቸውን በጦርነት ካሳለፉት አቶ ስዬ ይልቅ የእንጅነር ግዛቸው ፊት የበለጠ ያስፈራል፡፡

  2. It is my first time to hear Andinet’s office has been changed to MEDREK office, including the name. As we know from past fronts or coalitions, MEDREK’s life is limited to this election season. Even it stays after election time, it won’t be long. So what are Engineer Gizachew & Co going to do when Medrek cease existence.

  3. It is childish and irresponsible to replace the Andinet sign board with MEDREK. At least they should have the consent of Judge Burtukan. What is wrong with Engineer Gizachew these days?

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