Ethiomedia: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

May 1, 2010

We read, Ethiomedia editor’s (30th of April) battle cry under the heading of “to save Medrek from disintegration”.   We do not have a problem with that battle cry, even though we wonder why the Editor thinks Medrek is about to be disintegrated as if it were built on a sand castle! That is, after all, his perception and we wish him good luck in saving Medrek.

What troubled us is that why he needs to lie to his readers. Like all the other websites, we receive many news and articles from various sources. On 29th of April, we received a piece of news sent to us by Prof. Mesfin’s UDJ.  Unlike Ethiomedia, we believe in freedom of speech and we do not believe in censorship. So, we published it.

We are attacked for publishing the news sent by UDJ – Prof, that Ethiomedia censored and didn’t want his readers to know. For committing this crime, his Excellency from never-never land called us, “Weyane” and “owned by Mimi Sebhatu”

I think, this is where Ethiomedia appears to us dim-witted; a classical example of feeble-mindedness.  For him, “Weyane” and “Mimi Sebhatu” are probably the smarter beings that he has ever been with when he was under their payroll. We differ. Even with the most implausible conspiracy theory, we do not think that neither “Weyane” nor “Mimi Sebhatu” can run such a first class, independent, and out of the box media like ours.

We have not yet recycled ourselves from one extreme political thought to the other. We are a Free Sprit media and we pride ourselves of thinking out of the box, challenging the status quo and contributing to bring the Ethiopian media into the 21st century.

We have different views to life. We have no dogmatic view of the world we inherited from our past. Unlike Ethiomedia, we publish both-sides of the stories because we believe our readers are intelligent enough to makeup their mind.

Unlike Ethiomedia, we are not revolutionaries and we do not censor. We trust, our readers have at least above average intelligence who can read between the lines to understand and make informed decisions. We don’t chew and ask them to swallow.

We also recognise the likes of Ethiomedia to be from different world as it has been recycling itself from one extreme to the other. We do not believe in censorship but, of course, it is Ethiomedia that knows the intelligence of its readers in reading between the lines and reaching on their own conclusion.  We do not pock our nose in others business.

The difference is that while we endeavour to empower individuals; Ethiomedia tries to indoctrinate his narrow dogma. We provide all sides of the argument, Ethiomedia censors. We try to provide the whole information from left to right, Ethiomedia selectively chew for its readers to swallow. Ethiomedia lies for temporary political advantage, we endeavour to bring credibility. Ethiomedia suffer from outdated, Stalinist- hangover, we start from clean sheet.

As our motto states, we believe in “Free Sprit”. We assume our readers are intelligent enough to read and understand. We believe our readers need no nanny to save them from information overshock.

Ethiomedia resorts to Stalinist strategy of slogan-mongering and threats, we don’t. As the Editor labelled in his editorial note, he called those who disagree with him ‘Anarchists’, including Prof. Mesfin. We know what they did to ‘Anarchists’ in the 70’s and it wouldn’t surprise us if Ethiomedia militia beat a hell out of Prof. Mesfin and co.

We understand revolutionaries are hard-wired in violence and it is difficult for them to respect difference of opinion.  Anarchist, Trotsky, traitors, mehal safari, kegne mengedegna, etc may come to their mind too quickly but we really feel pity for them as they cut their political tooth with Stalinist dogma. Nevertheless with proper training, we at Ethiofact believe, even an old dog can learn new tricks albeit slowly than a puppy.

We are happy to help. After all we want to make them part of the solution rather than remain as part of the problem.

Ethiofact editors


17 comments on “Ethiomedia: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  1. I guess the guy at the Ethiomedia is getting too big for his boots and getting arrogant day-by-day.I am glad someone is telling him off for the first time. How can he call Prof. Mesfin Anarchist and beating up of people who have different views than his?

  2. Although I can not say Professor Mesfin can not be free from mistakes as he is a human being, Ethiomedia’s attack just because the professor opposed the way in whcih Siye and Negaso became UDJ leaders against the bylaw of UDJ is astonishing.

  3. Bravo!!! Ethiofact editors!!!
    Well said.
    One who post the truth and says his mind is woyane by ethiomedias definition starting from 2005.
    They should know their limit when they open their wide mouth. It is a loser’s strategy labeling others
    Ethiomedias are the one who beg the leftover of woyanne people, like Gidda, Siye and Gebru who were the designers of anti Ethiopia strategy and article 39. Because an empty party ‘’only name’’ have no body who can express him/herself in it . Shame on ethiomedia to label others as woyane when you beg woyane leftovers to leads you again. Ethiomedas have to know that you and few your supports are the one who are killing the peaceful struggle by labeling true Ethiopians as woyanne and subtle woyannes hero. It shows how nonsense you are. Fools like you can’t learn from their mistake. You are dissolving and remaining few and few ask your self why? Before knocking others door.
    Readers have learned a lot from the damage done over Ethiopian struggle because of such partisan websites like ethiomedia.
    No one can hide the truth forever. Better if they can learn from their mistake.( from what they did and doing against Lidetu
    Ethiomedias better to think and come up with different strategy, labeling as woyane is YETEBELA KUB.
    Thanks to GOD that ethiomedias and few others don’t have power and weapon. If they had, I can’t imagine how many people would have been killed not only arrested.
    Long live to Ethiofacts!!!

  4. I usually read news and analysis from Ethiomedia about Ethiopia.I have many friends who do the same.

    But,hey,is Ethiomedia chewing the news and analyisis and tacitly forcing me and my friends to swallow it? I do not discount it.

    I never believed and felt that i needed a nanny in my whole life. But here go.

    But the question i need toask is that why is Ethiomedia very worried if i read Professor Mesfin et als press release in full and come to my own informed decision?

    If Ethiomedia thinks it is capable of differentiating the truth from the lie, why Ethiomedia thinks me and my friends can’t?

    These certainly would be the topic i raise to my friends next time i either meet them or talk to them.

    Thank you Ethiofact for making me think out of the box.

  5. First Ethiofact on Eskender and now in exactly two days time on Ethiomedia?

    Can anybody enlighten me what is going on? What to achieve most of all?

  6. I think Abraham Belay is turning into a desperate egomaniac. He is trying to push Medrek down our throats and refusing to hear any news that stains the name of his pet organization.Time to expose him for what he is–pure ego and desperado.

  7. The less educated abrha belay of eritrea orgin is has nothing to show useful. As a hate monger he is, it is uselss to post his comments and read it as well.

    he is so rubish, garbage!

  8. Well done Ethiofact. It looks like it’s back to the ‘good old days’ of peddling untruth in some quarters, pitch stuff that is wanting for truth, evidence and commonsense and just hope that it sticks. These kinds of innuendos need to be pushed back, and quickly.

  9. Well done Ethiofact.I wonder why this guy(Abereham) want us to hear what he wants us to hear.Come on man,we are inteligent people.It is an insult to the Ethiopian people.You are crap “jornalist” who doesn`t know what freedom of information means.YOU ARE UNETHICAL “JOURNALIST”.No more ethino-centric ,no more XTPLF or Abiyotawi Democracy”.Give chance for the youth,give chance for liberal democrats.

  10. Abra Belays fear is acceptable because Mederk is going to be splitted in two months.He better cry with pot mentining ethiofacts.If some one who can calculate and tell them te fate of mederek they will call him woyane. If so woyannes are wise.I really feeln sorry ton such people in the opposition camp.Perseons like Abrha Belay,Girma Kassa and Eskinder they still sinds an old song which they song many years back. Yesim lapisoch!!!
    Keep Strong Ethiofact editors!!!
    Let GOD Save you!!!

  11. “[i][b]Hurrraaaay Ethiofact! Well done![/b][/i]” These are the blessings ETHIOFACT want from its readers and is it all about ethiofact? Hard to believe that only one sided reflections get beamed here. Nothing differing comes out of this site, so weird and strange!!

  12. great ethiofacts! Great people! What a great media outlet! What you are after is exaltation and here you got it!

    How about another perspective from another angle? does it get some weight in the sphere of

  13. If Ethiomedia’s editor has any conscious left at all, he has to say sorry to Ethiofact; to say the least.

  14. Shame on professor Mesfin. Like his predecessor Ato Hailu Shawel his ego is going to tear the strugglle apart while EPRDF is cheering for the dirty job of dismatling the oppostion is done by someone else rather.

  15. May I firstly say that i agree with you that as a media organisation, you should not in the business of censoring and it it right and proper that you leave it to the people to make up their media. By the way i do not expect a response from the editorial board at ethiofact but let me set out my views. I have a great deal of respect for Prof Mesfin. I always found him to be a man of utmost integrity. My dilemma is this, given our collective immaturity when it comes to democracy and the enormous psychological damage which follows when leaders bicker and split into factions, how one deal with genuine disagreements within the leadership of UDJ or other political parties. When TPLF can hold meetings for days and sometimes for weeks in Tigray and have internal discussion in the certain knowledge that these internal discussions will not be leaked, why is it that oppositions parties are not afforded the space to argue and come to a settled view. If every argument and internal discussion is reported how can issues be resolved within a party. Let’s remember we ethiopians get very easily offended and the elite who are the pre 1974 generation have not learned from the politicians in the host countries ( basically the west) when they pronounced on vital issues. They are belligerents,one dimensional and full of polemic. it is in that spirit that i wonder whether it helps the struggle to ventilate the healthy discussions going on within a party. Also we should learn to be led, we cannot always be the leader. Let me propose an idea. Basically the issue in the UDJ was whether it was proper for Siye et al to join the leadership. If UDJ and Siye were really democrats why did they not put the idea to UDJ members and let the members vote in secret ballot whether they agree or not. IF Prof Mesfin is defeated then he should accept the decision or leave UDJ. I am sick to the back teeth of people who cannot accept the majority view and proceed to create a faction within a party. it beggars belief how Weyane which comes from 6% of the population can maniplulate and dominate the opposition. So i say to all the opposition practise democracy whereever you are and only then can you truly claim to be democrat. It means (1) the leader can only serve two terms, (2) major decisions would be decided by members through a secret ballot and not this stalinistic show of hands, (3) train leaders in public speaking, some of them make me sleep when they speak, (4) draft a common agenda with the other parties and lobby together, (5) consult with ones members rather a very small circle of yes minister types. I am alwways struck when speaking to members of the opposition how they are never properly consulted, even the smallest NGO in the west surveys its supporters/public on major issues, get in the habit of making sure that your supporters/views inform your policy. It is only then that we may be able to bring this tyranical regime to an end. Oh!one other thing durng the Dergue regime weyane used to get very good intelligence from dergue members, there is no reason why we cannot recruit weyane members and their cronies to leak info not just to be splashed on website but to be used effectivley to bring an end to this regime. May god bless you all. cheers. Akbari

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