Ethiopian Refutes Unfounded Reports In Relation to ET-409

May 7, 2010

Ethiopian Airlines has consistently maintained that it will not entertain any speculations or premature conclusions until the official findings are released and made public by the professionals designated to carry out the investigation in accordance with established international norms and principles. Ethiopian strongly believes that any release of information contrary to this process is not only unproductive but also misleading to the general public.

During the past sixty plus years, Ethiopian has become one of the continents leading carriers, unrivalled in Africa for its efficiency, safety and operational success. It prides itself from the high standards of its workforce including pilots, technicians and many other highly qualified personnel. Professionals in any position at Ethiopian must undertake extensive training and pass stringent evaluation and scrutiny prior to their assignments. These requirements are consistent with international aviation standards of which Ethiopian is a dedicated subscriber and certified member.

Any characterization of our pilots contrary to the foregoing is pure fabrication and cannot stand the test. Therefore, the assertions that the cockpit crew had limited experience on B737-800 and that the pilot had 200 hours of flight time in one month is far from the truth.

Individual(s) spreading unfounded information are heartless in that they do not care about the feelings of the families and relatives of the victims in addition to misleading the public at large. We urge the media to refrain from publishing such information and patiently wait the release of the preliminary findings of the investigation.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines

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