Two killed in Ethiopia bomb attack: official

May 8, 2010

The blast happened in Adaba in the Oromya region of southern Ethiopia on Thursday as members of a party from the ruling coalition were hosting a 20th anniversary ceremony, spokesman Shimelis Kemal told AFP.

“The suspects hurled the bomb at a ceremony attended by the region’s deputy administrator Abdulaziz Mohammed. There were two deaths from the blast while 14 sustained heavy and light wounds,” Shimelis said.

Shimelis said the blast did not wound any of the politicians, who were from the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation, a member of the ruling EPRDF coalition.

“Three suspects have so far been apprehended, one of whom was a former soldier who was discharged for disciplinary reasons,” he said, declining to point to any group for responsibility.

Authorities have in the past blamed the secessionist Oromo Liberation Front for past attacks, and some opposition politicians have been arrested with links to the rebel group.

The blast was the second in the African nation in the space of two weeks, following an explosion in a small town along the border with Eritrea on April 24 which killed five people.

Ethiopia goes to the polls on May 23. The Oromya region has the country’s largest constituencies.

Around 30 million people have registered to vote for Ethiopia’s fourth elections since the Communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam was toppled in 1991.


3 comments on “Two killed in Ethiopia bomb attack: official

  1. whatevr happened I am as an Ethio;ian let me tell you one fact, Now my country open her eyes for the development and our tipical enemies trying to destroy the development in the name of against Meles or EPRDF regeim, but I tell your the truth we haave to desgtroy any party or people against the ethiopian people.
    1. What we need now ? the entire government proof that there is ful democracy in the country ? what do you need morethan this??
    2 The government is taking all the necessity measure to develope and grow the country? what weneed now ?
    3. Ethiopia has a no of enemies – many country didn;t like the development of Ethiopia like sudan. egypt somalia andothers pls we ethiopians have gt be one so as to get power over our enemies pls. The Gold in your hand is like a copperf. I am not a supporter of any political organizatio, but i am looking and gudgeing from the fact what i am looking- In the name of God the almighty I am standing in the side of reality !!
    long live for the outstanding Ruler Prime minister Meles Zenawi !!! LONG liVE Ethiopia !!!
    allways oppositg for every thing is something in the back side – that is the old political system now we are living in the 21st century – Dont forget world Globalization gherefor think at least for your mother land pls pls pls pls
    ahmed hassen

  2. No violence please. Violence serves nothing except generating more violence.

  3. hello Ahmend, I commend your thought about the need to be united as our external enemy is greater than our eternal differences, but who in real honesty do you think created the division in ethnic lines making it easy for our external enemies to exploit our deference. I know you are going to label me as an Amhara unionist which I am not, but do you know that Ethiopia is more divided now than ever before? do you know that students of different ethnic groups don’t mix in schools and Universities….I could go on and on…but please try to see the real danger before you jump to conclusion to who is cooking the disintegration of Ethiopia. Trust me I have no ill wish for my country but I can’t help thinking ethiopia a time bomb waiting to explode. God forbid…

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