Is Ethiomedia promoting unity? Demystifying the Mystification

May 12, 2010

At the risk of being branded partisan, Ethiomedia’s editor has a right not to post anything which he does not like. After all it is his website. I am not here to complain about this.

Moreover, at the risk of being branded arrogant and out of touch, Ethiomedia’s editorial may also mistakenly believe that  it is his divine right to tell what other websites should and should not post. This is not the point I would like to make either.

The problem arises to me when attacking Ethiofact, Ethiomedia’s editor alleged that he is doing this as a champion of ‘unity’. So was Ethiomedia’s editor attacking Ethiofact to promote ‘unity’ or is it yet another rhetoric that should not be accepted as truth unexamined by its readres?

Allow me to elaborate my point.

During the infamous Kinijit infight where great care should have been exercised, we all know that Ethiomedia was not a neutral party.  Rather Ethiomedia was fanning discord and animosity by siding first with KIL over KIC and then choosing to support Dr Berhanu over 
Engineer Hailu. The rest is history and we all know what happened to Kinijit.

During EPRP’s infighting, Ethiomedia supported EPRP-D over EPRP.  On the current on going infighting with in UDJ, Ethiomedia consciously chose to add fuel to the dispute by siding with Enginner Gezachw over Professor Mesfin and its editor even went as far as calling Professor Mesfin ‘anarchist’; what ever that means.

Lastly, in the run into this election,  Ethiomedia is vigoursly advocating and being a mouthpiece for Medrek at the expense of the other two large unity forces (AEUP
and EDP ) even though Ethiomedia fails short of explaining to its wider readers what makes Medrek’s case special.

As the above few examples corroborate,  Ethiomedia has never been a neutral body. Ethiomedia has always been an instrument in pitting one 
unity force over the other. Rather than looking forward and trying to bring the infighting unity parties together, Ethiomedia has undoubtedly exacerbated the problem by putting more fuel to the dispute.

Ethiomedia was/is an instrument to put a wedge among unity forces. All its postings are carefully selected to advance a secterian approach. Put simply, the verifiable and irrefutable evidence suggest that Ethiomedia has been fanning discord and animosity among unity
forces. So since when is fanning discord and animosity among unity forces is
promoting ‘unity’?

Not only Ethiomedia is actively promoting separatist forces like OLF & ONLF,  but also It is a fact that these separatist  forces have their web pages linked at Ethiomedia. In doing so, I am not sure whether Ethiomedia has carefully thought about the potential danger his actions would bring  to the national interset of Ethiopia.

We are not yet also told what compromise Ethiomedia has secured from OLF and ONLF which would benefit the long term national interest of Ethiopia to warrant this change of heart.

Let us accept that it is the editor’s right to promote OLF & ONLF for whatever reason.  Nevertheless what is self contradictory is that while Ethiomedia claiming a ‘unity’ force, it hasn’t got the link of unity parties such as AEUP, EPRP & EDP.

So Is linking the websites of separatist forces such as OLF & ONLF at Ethiomedia and leaving out the links of unity parties like AEUP, EPRP & EDP promoting the ‘unity’ of Ethiopia?

To conclude the matter, putting fuel on the disputes between unity forces and choosing to be a voice to some of the separatist forces while denying a voice to some unity forces can not be construed as promoting unity. The actions speak louder.

Of course when we look at the practice of all other websites, I accept that there is no substantial difference from the practises of Ethiomedia, really. What went wrong and what is the way forward could be discussed further.


22 comments on “Is Ethiomedia promoting unity? Demystifying the Mystification

  1. Abrha belay is one of the notorious enemy of Ethiopia. he always moves to dismantel the countries unity. he is a eritrean agent with a mission. he is not Ethiopian!

    Go go ethiofacts!
    don’t give up

  2. Thank you Mahelet. You raised a very valid point. Ethiomedia’s editor is a big hypocrite.

  3. As far as i am concerned, strictly speaking there is no impartiality as such even in the West! So where is the hypocrisy then? Get real.

  4. Firstly if the person who wrote said article is a woman as her name suggest, i welcome it as there is an appalling lack of contribution from our better half. I have to say that this pointeless point scoring and naval gazing is rather shabby. As far as i am concerned many of the websites are partisan. As far as far Mahlet’s statement that OLF and ONLF are sepratatist movements, i wonder if there was a truly democratic system in ethiopia how many of these organisations would come into the fold. We should seek to engage rather just stigmatise. I am always struck when i look at leadership of the organisation that Mahlet refers to as unifying, it is hideously narrow in its ethnic make up. Basically they are either Amhara, tigre or gurage. I wonder why that is. Instad of waging war on ethiomedia we should declare war on the regime which kills and maims many of our fellow compatriots. As for Medrek whatever its failing and beleive you there are many, it has shown after the Kinjit debacle it is still possible for some political organisation to come together and give EPRDF a run for its money. Let stop obssesing about personalities and instead build instiutions. Siye et al will not be around forever. We should instead press upon all political organisation to develop mechanism which enhance democratic values. For example there is no reason why members of Medrek should not insist that they adopt a system whereby a vote of no confidence would be triggered if anyone in the leadership misbehave. I beleive that if the pre 1974 generation leave, the new generation is able to compromise and united the opposition.

  5. With all his shortcomings, Ethiomedia is doing a very good job. Leave him alone as the alternative will be having no voice of unity at all.

  6. Good article Mahlet and very timely. Ethiomedia and most diaspora websites inlcuding radio’s claim that in Ethiopia there is no freedom of the press, freedom of democracy, etc but they in trun use their own media to not only don’t report the truth but bias, siding with one or the other, fabricating news, etc. EthioMedia is notorious for omitting issues, fabricating news and siding with of course Siye gangs. Abreha belay, we all know is a die hard TPLF supporter of Siye gangs. He is only fooling himself and few who doesn’t know where he is coming from. As for the majority, Ethiomedia and co. are useless.

  7. expert, i am finding it hard to get the gist of what you are saying i hope you are not suggesting that there is freedom of the press in ethiopia, i think a cursory look at CPJ reports would show there is not even the semblance of freedom in ethiopia. It seems to me that what i see in many websites it is just comment and fair enough everyone is entitled to comment, as very few of them actually have people on the ground who can provide authentic reports. I am perplexed and filled with chargrin when i read postings which i can only describe rants against the editor of ethiomedia. I don’t know the man but even one accepts that he was a former member of the TPLF and his sympathies lie with Siye et al so what? he is entitled to his comment. Pls let’s not kid ourself we are the only one who have the divine role to dominate the crowded ethio cyberspace. It is is just an expensive diversion from the real struggle.

  8. Bravo Mahlet!
    Ethiomedias are more dictators than even woyane. Good that they don’t have power. It is clear that they are working indirectly to woyane by dividing parties and influential people.
    They never admit the truth and still working hard against strong public figures,because they don’t want to see brave Ethiopian and better Ethiopia.
    But the problem is with those who send him some articles are they normal? Let them cry until they die. I want to tell Abrha Belay and Eskinder that we know what you are going to write about Lidetu. Whether he wins or loses.
    If he wins you will attach him to woyane and if he defeated, you will say that your effort of defamation has worked. Isn’t it Eskinder and Abra ?our “ journalists` `kkkk.
    He made history whether you like it or not your 5 year defamation is nullified.
    Ask and learn what a committed Ethiopian is doing at Bugna in every village.
    Let God Help Lidetu to win for the sake of Ethiopia and Ethiopians
    Thank you ethiofacts

  9. Thank you Mahlet!
    What a very nice article!
    What Abrha Belay doing is dividing and weakening the strongest and influential parties and individuals.
    They work for the survival of woyane indirectly. His aim is killing the national feeling
    Whether they like it or not, truth and true Ethiopians will survive and bring about change to their country.
    What they talk and what they do are completely different. I am wondering how few blind Diaspora members are attached to him by the name of unity and Ethiopia. Abrha Belay is closer to woyane than any other.
    Long live ethiofacts
    We love you

  10. Mahletye !Egizer yibarkish!!

    Abrah Belaye asmesayu ena tebabariwochu Enezih kifu balegewoch likachewn mawk alebachew

    Bewushet yemigenbut sibiena yinadal!! yelelewn ale yalwn yelm yemilut sim yemachemalek abaze tenekabachew yetim ayadersum.
    Mahlet Berchiln!!! ketiybet Adera!!!!
    Ethiofaktoch bertulen endemathenefu ergitengoch nen . Ewnet yeyaze yashenfal!!!
    Egizer kef kef yadrgachu
    Kiberu!! Kiberu!!

  11. Excellent Mahlet!
    Well articulated article
    Keep on exposing such hidden woyanes.
    They divide all the oppositin by masking them selves undr opposition.
    They are the source of division from the begining. The source of efamation.
    They never conrtibute to unite or work together.
    Now they are searching for leftover of woyannes
    wel done Mahlet

  12. Bravo Mahlet!
    That is the truth
    Their role is dividing parties and party leaders

  13. Realist, thank you for your feedback. It would have been helpful if you specified which of my points are trivial. It would also be useful if you just briefly set out what are you precisely accusing Ethiomedia of doing. I am not an Ethiomedia aplogist but i am at a loss as to why many in this forum spend their time attacking ethiomedia and not the regime which is killing and maiming our fellow citizens. You are entitled to disagree with my views but to label them as trivial misses the point.

  14. Bravo Mahlet,
    I realy apriciate your logical analysis of the so called Ethiomedia owner along with his fellow
    I hope every one who reads Ur article have got some plus point in current poletical atmospher

    Don’t be discurredged by the insult of blind supperter of Ethiomedia/Medrek; keep on contributing similiar value able messages

  15. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, i simply don’t get this campaign against ethiomedia. What ethiomedia is doing is the same old type mud slinging against those it views as the enemy. As for Mahlet’s point about ethiomedia not having links to AEUP, i say for christ sake! does it really matter?. One can argue ( even though i do not share this view) the fact that ethiofact has links to the EPRDF mouthpiece Aiga supports the view that ethiofact has links to the regime. I do not know who owns ethiofact ( these days websites can be run from a shed in a garage) but just because they have links to aiga does not mean that they are EPRDF affiliated.
    I wonder what those brave young men and women from TPLF and other parties who paid the ultimate price, to overthrow the dergue would make of this brutal regime. Ditto in Eritrea. So i ask myself why is it that we cannot come together to argue that this regime should relinqinsh power as it has failed despite many of its achievements in the economic sphere. I was fascinated by what i saw in agerenegeronline.com. The analysis showed that ethio websites operate in small circles which do not mix. That is why I scan postings on all opposing websites in order to get the full picture.
    Although i oppose his politics i cannot help but be impressed in the way Meles articulated his postion in respect of what he calls developmental state. Most of what he said it seems to me is intellectually dishonest. Although i know he would never agrees but he should come before a proper journalist with experts in the field and be cross examined but that is just wishful thinking. So members of the oppostion should also articulate their views and be tested as well. As for the sham elections which Zenawi et al are cooking were best summarised a by a very good friend of the weyane regime. Ambassador Shinn said the elections will be “a non event”.

  16. A friend of mine brought this website to my attention very recently. Guess what? I liked not only the articles but also the feed backs.

  17. Wawwww I love female writers .Thank you Mahlet!1
    Keep on your good job!!
    Yes ethiomedia is 100% partisan but the problem comes when the editors accuse others like fthiofacts.It is ethiofacts right to post what every they got and they can support whom they want and which party they like.who the hel is ethiomedias to accuse others while they are the mouths of ”medrek ” old dogs ?sheme on ethiomedia editord .Do they read the term democracy? the problem is those who live only in their own world even if they move to developed countries they can’t chane their mind .because they are busy in designing how to defame individuals their circle is with the same narrow minded few power mongers.
    It good to tell them if they can understand . I don’t think they have a mind to analyse3 things since their mind is locked.GOD BLESS ETHIOFACTS

  18. What a matured lady you are Mahlet!!!!!!!
    I wish to have such females in Eth . politics
    Well come!!!
    You are great
    Go on

  19. Mahlet,

    You are either a dead mouth piece of weyane or a sympathyzer of some dead parties like aeup or eprp or edp

    wheahter you like it or not these three parties below are just worthless parties that are dead either recenlty or long time ago:

    1- EPRP, a party that has been only active with a few insutish claim members only on medias, while the fact of the matter is that the party has been dead since most real members of the party are either dead or left the party long time ago

    2- AEUP, a party become a personal property of Traitor and coward hailu shawel and now hailu recently sold the party out to TPLF. Actually, Hailu shawel is the command in chief for destroying Kinijit along TPLF mercenariy group, eprp elements and other power and money monger indivdiuals. However, after hailu destroys kinijit he lost his support from inside to outside ethiopia as a result he recenlty even sold out AEUP in favor of TPLF and signed the so called code of conduct along with chamisso and lidetu.

    3- EDP, there is nothing to talk about Lidetu since it’s going to be just a waste of time and energy, but in simple words Lidetu is simply another tratior and coward individual who betrayed Ethiopians and sold out the ethiopians struggle in favor of weyane, now lidetu is nothing but working day in and day out as a smoke screen to serve weyane in destruction of oppostions while he will eventually will be even kicked out from weyane payroll list after the upcoming weyane fake election.

    so mahelt, your long entire echo chilidsh tantrum of attacking ethio media and other genuine oppostion leaders by supporting dead and worthless individuals wouldnt hold a single water. You have proved us nothing but you are showed us that you are no diffrent etiehr from Lidetu or Hailu or Chamisso or the new TPLF tool Prof Mesfin. A bunch of worthless people.

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