10 comments on “Dr Berhanu Nega on ESAT

  1. First ,I would like to thank all the peoples contributing to the set up of ESAT.
    2nd ESAT for sure will be successful in meeting it objectives.
    3rd Ethiopians finally have the best option to have credible,reliable, educational etc information source.
    4th, I would like to confirm to you that, i am beside you in every respect.

  2. It amazing to see such a good news that esat is established for 24 hrs program.
    I want to give my great thank to those who participated on the project.
    This is the best way to struggle for freedom and democracy in areas where the media is totally controlled by the ruling party.you don’t have to think that things will be straight forward in the future. so you and we Ethiopian have to pay sacrifice with out fire and weapons.
    Best wish for all Ethiopians.

  3. We could not find ESAT program.Does the problem with you or not?Is there a possibility to block ESAT through Ethiopia satelite pleas reply us.

  4. what is the problem on esat program. we are so worried. we need an answer from u. we liked ur program

  5. [b][b]hi how is everything? today am very baste about something u know what? the program here in addis totally stooped i don’t know why,here in addis everybody is worried about this thing so please send me Ur answer please we liked ur programe OK bye[/b][/b]

  6. This is not the home page of ESAT. Their website can be accessed using the folloing link [url]http://www.ethsat.com/[/url]

  7. ESAT program is closed in two days. What is the problem? Thank you every thing.

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