Ethiopia gives tribal militants 24-hours deadline to return weapons

May 26, 2010

HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Ethiopian forces stationed out side the town of Buhodle have given local elders 24 hours deadline on Tuesday to return all captured weapons.

The Ethiopians told the elders led by one of the prominent tribal chiefs, Garad Abdullahi Garad Soofe to hand in all weapons captured from Ethiopia’s Liyuu police on Saturday when armed militants called clashed with the police petrol (see Hundreds flee their homes in Buhodle).

The Ethiopians have accused the armed militants, SSC [Sool, Sanag, Cayn], the armed wing of a group that calls it self Northern Somalia Unionist Movement (NSUM) of having ties with Somalia’s radical groups who are trying to tumble the weak transitional government in Mogadishu.

The Defense Minister of Somaliland, Mr. Suleyman Warsame Guled, said the Ethiopians contacted him before they moved their forces into Buhodle to secure the border ahead of their elections. He added they have not crossed into Somaliland instead are stationed on their side of the border.

It’s unclear if another war will break out between the Ethiopians and the armed militants whom their prime goal is to disturb the elections in Somaliland that will take place in June 26.

The group is headed by Dr. Suleyman Issa Ahmed [ Hagle tosiye], an American citizen from Ohio State, and Col. Ali Saberey, a Canadian citizen from Toronto.

Photo: the commander of the armed tribal militant Col. Ali Saberey.
Source Somalilandpress