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  1. During Durg regime we had been in a great suffering. We had no freedom to do anything. For a person who knew that time the current situation of Ethiopia is unbelievable. I am not saying that EPRDF is without a problem. But they are far better that the butcher Mengistu. You people in America, you are trying to enjoy our fight here in the country. Why do not you come face the challenge with us. Why do not you come together, collect money and build schools, Hospitals, and other development sectors.

  2. No there is no freedom in Ethiopia we can’t read, watch, heard, except
    EPRDF our life is totally slave life the deffrens btwen mengistu and EPRDF is
    EPRDF Secret there murder

  3. You are no Ethiopian

    I lived through the dergue years. I went to prison and tortured. I was almost executed but survived due to some mysterious circumstances.
    And I can testify here that I have never been as scared of the dergue as I am this government. If the dergue is going to kill you know It is never out of vengeance or fear and in the dark alay, or by sending some one at night. It kills you and it brags about it.
    But you people kill out of hate and fear. And that makes you the most brutal Ethiopia have ever seen. Every Ethiopian knows you will not hesitate to wipe out the entire nation if that would keep you in power. You massacred almost the entire zer in gambela. You facilitated the bombing of hawzen to get film clips for propaganda, You drove 170000 a poorly equipped peasants on a mine filed to clear in badme. you blew up an ammunition dump in the middel of one of the most dense reidential districts in Addis Ababa as your arrival gift.
    An you think Drgue is worth than you??

    this kind of cruelty and evilness will end as it will always does and you will go away and Ethiopians will learn about it.

  4. ESAT not show in Ethiopia since June 9,2010 please adjuste it we are not any free media.

  5. What happen to ESAT transmission since June 9, 2010? Please tell us what happened? We are not going a life time lies of EPRDF!!!!!!!!

  6. Meles Jammed VOA Amharic service not because of the program itself, but Meles wants to kill the Amharic language with its people, Amhara. That is his goal with his monkeys. If it was the program, he would Jam afan oromo and Tigrigna programs. But the Amhara people identified what Meles is.
    By the way, do you know that Meles is killing by shooting millions of ETHIOPIAN people for 17 years being in the bush and 20 years being in power and he will kill us also in the future? In the sight of Meles, Mengistu Hailemariam is the father of Ethiopians as well as Africans. Meles is brutal and the most butcher
    He is totaly the KILLER of the AMHARA people by propagating disease and famine in the Amhara region. He kills specially the amhara people who are known in culture and history. He also works to KILL those who are wealth and hard working Amharas. So, Meles is the blood sucker of the amhara people and he is the father of Devil and his thinking is evil. GOD will give him his consequence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I was watching ESAT it has good start but I didn’t got any Difference from ETV both are not neutral. ETV is extrem support of EPRDF similarly ESAT is extrem support of Anti EPRDF forces.

    Please try to make it neutral and truthful so that we ethiopians can got better information
    I personaly don’t like extremism in any aspect.

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