Ethiopia supreme court rejects election appeal

June 18, 2010

The Medrek umbrella group of opposition parties had already filed an appeal with the electoral body and demanded a re-run, arguing the ballot was riddled with fraud and that its observers had been subjected to intimidation.

The electoral commission had also rejected their request, drawing accusations from Medrek that it was involved in the rigging.

Provisional results show that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s ruling EPRDF coalition secured 535 out of 547 seats in parliament while Medrek could only clinch one.

Definitive official results are due to be published on June 21.


4 comments on “Ethiopia supreme court rejects election appeal

  1. How can they expect a complete re-run of the election in the first place? I don’t think there are no wise individuals among MEDREK leaders. The problem is they rely too much on the guidance of the Diaspora. It was this, too much reliance on the Diaspora, that drove the now defunct Kinijit down the drain.

  2. They knew the result . It just to be called hero by fool diaspora members. How many times should one lie. Better to face the reality and get prepared for the next with true negotation. I agree with EDP. Even if they get the chance for re-election the result will be thae same or the worset ( with no single vote in tha balotbox.Viva EDP

  3. It is the result of the advise of diaspora members like irma kassa and Ejigayehu Awoke who usually defame Lidetu and took his idea(copy what he said) and ”write”s piece of trash paper. They forgot that Ethiopia has very many cocerened people that kan interprate, understand and follow Ethiopian issues.

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