Vice Chairman of UDJ, Seye Abraha Appeals for Unity in Future Elections

June 22, 2010

“I think the Electoral Board was itself an accomplice in what was going on with regards to this election in our country and that is why they did not care to look into our complaints and the declaration they gave today (Monday) is not unexpected,” he said.

Abreha’s comments come after the electoral board confirmed Monday the electoral victory of the ruling EPRDF winning 545 seats in Ethiopia’s 547-member parliament.

Several opposition groups rejected the results of the election claiming it was fraught with voter irregularities and demanded a re-run. The opposition also said their supporters were being intimidated and harassed by the agents of the government ahead of the vote, a charge the ruling party denies.

Both Washington and the European Union accused Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government of narrowing Ethiopia’s political space. In a statement, the Obama Administration accused the Ethiopian government of repression, harassment and intimidation. It criticized the election process, saying an environment conducive to free and fair elections was not in place.

Vice Chairman Abreha said the government has wiped out any democratic gains Ethiopia has made over the years.

“It’s unfortunate that we are going back to where we were 20 years ago after a 19 years experiment with multi-party democracy,” Abreha said.

Local media quoted Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as saying that Ethiopia’s law allows for parties to demand a new vote, if they can prove in court that the ballot was fraudulent. But, he says the election was successful and voters were able to freely choose candidates without intimidation or coercion.

Abreha said there is need for the opposition parties to regroup.

“It requires pausing, thinking and re-thinking and re-inventing the opposition of this country again. Whatever policy differences there might be among the opposition, I think we have to come together on the minimum issues of democracy and rule of law. There is no way we can proceed to other issues unless these fundamentals are tackled jointly,” Abreha said.

source VOA


7 comments on “Vice Chairman of UDJ, Seye Abraha Appeals for Unity in Future Elections

  1. I take seye’s statement an example of deep rooted hypocracy within the opposition. Wasn’t the same medrek refusing to sit with other opposition parties in the same room. The level of arrogance within medrek was unbelivable. Now tanks to the total wipeout seye saying there is need for unity.

  2. Very true Dear Taye!
    It is his own policy . He should claim himself.
    It was his group which accuses EDP.
    He is saying what Lidetu said earler .These people didn’t want smart person like Lidetu because their (medrek leaders)target is to be public figure not Ethiopia and Ethiopians .They don’t have new idea they are copying what Lidetu said .Bravo Lidetu teach them eventhough they dislike you. You are achieving your goal indirectly.

  3. instead of saying this you can say “siye said the right thing EDP go one step forward and meet medrek you can work together at least to make the ground level” if you can not say this what is you can not contribute for the cooperation of the opposition.

  4. Ayee Siye!! Is peaceful struggle upto this? Why don’t you call a peaceful demonstration? where is your capacity? where are your million supporters . Att least you have to call a demonstration in Temben . What are you talking about? If you are committed to do something your place is armed struggle go and show us your ability. What you are talking is outdated. Don’t cheat us. Go and fight you know ??? ther secret if you really want to overthrow Meles

  5. I know that they refuse to work with EDP beause EDP always outshines them. I know they want people who accept them when they do mistakes repeatdly. That is why , I don’t want EDP the party of the future would be swallwed by ethnic party.

  6. How dear socialist and capitalist can form coalition???????
    it is only true if those so called politicians are trusty of leading people”SILTAN”
    In my opinion the political parties were deafeted not becouse they were too many but cause they didn’t have clear and feasible program for ethiopia
    So Mr old “Weyane” pls dream other option

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