July 24, 2010

“The latter part of meal, though, was taken up with much more serious considerations.  At the time Ethiopia included Eritrea; but with Eritrea wanting to go its own way – that is seceding.  Seeye made it clear that the Ethiopian government supported this, since Eritrea had been their partners in the civil war.  The problem was that, in recent years, no country had ever seceded from another in Africa.  He was therefore negotiating, in effect, British government support for this. The ambassador was being asked for Eritrea to be recognised almost before it seceded.  There was a lot of banter about this, with James Glaze ducking and weaving as ambassadors are supposed to do in such a situation….” Read more



  1. the intrevew is same how good but did you intervive the oppstion leader i sow the intervivw afeter the elaction do you think the risalt like radio funa 99.7 EPRDF take no democrace no elactoral board no law no oppstion party aftrer this

  2. I wish you all to have a clean heart, which is humble infront of Lord Jesus. For Ethiopia, nothing but Jesus is the answer

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