Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin – The Tyranny of Bad Journalism

August 4, 2010

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE),1 a grassroots social justice movement of diverse Ethiopians, working to bring freedom, justice, democracy, the rule of law, equality, civility, reconciliation and the respect for human and civil rights to Ethiopia. Read full text


6 comments on “Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin – The Tyranny of Bad Journalism

  1. to SMNE
    U yourself are one of the hatemongers as it is revealed from the article. U want to magnify Amhara by reflecting hate on Tigrayan. How dare u be concerned about unified Ethiopia as you are still hating others like Tigrayan. I think it is a paradox. U are not even better than Dr Muhammad. Both of u are the same. He hate Amhara and u hate Tigray.

  2. It is not worth worrying about a lunatic, whether he is acting alone or in collaboration with others. Who cares about what he writes? Don’t forget also although the current regime does not hate Ethiopia, the ethinic policy it follows is very dangerous to Ethiopia and the unity of the people.

  3. SMNE

    A preacher who preaches about not to be drun but drinks himself!
    A preacher who speaks about love but full of hate himself!

    Love the all people of the nation not only the flag!

    Love the nation as a whole not only the land.
    Avoid equivocality!

  4. Folks this is my concern:
    Let’s be frank and honest when it comes to raising the Oromo question. Out of ignorance and bloody mindedness I used to dismiss Oromo related grievences as baseless until recently. We keep hearing these issues driven around non stop and we insist on rejecting it and now foreigners took interest in it. It only keeps growing in dimension and strength. On my part out of genuine concern for my country Ethiopia I felt it is time to reach out to my Oromo friends and tackle the issue head on. Once I listened to their point of view and how passionate they are about it I came to the conclusion that it is time we stop telling them to love Ethiopian unity and froget talking about Oromo identity. Let’s face the facts that there is no peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia without addressing the Oromo grievences and bringing them onboard in our quest for democracy and equality in the face of the TPLF tyranny. Our dismissal of Oromo issues will only make the Oromos disassociate themselves from us and divide us in the face of TPLF onslaught. Let’s remember how Eritreans used to aske for autonomy and we revoked it and refused to accept their ideas and finally coz of our inflexibility we lost not only Eritrea but also Ethiopia. It’s like the proverbial “for want a shoe the horse was lost”. If we don’t recognise the Oromo grievences and listed to them I am afraid we might lose what is left of Ethiopia if not in our generation as the cloud is gathering.
    May Ethiopia be a loving nation and caring country for all its nations.

  5. SMNE, what he said is true unlike you story.. norther abasha fake history. You are African shame that you call yourself semitic. You are a fake human walkin on legs.

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