Ethiopian Board of Management Appoints New CEO

tewolde gebremariam
September 16, 2010

In his letter dated September 14, 2010, the Chairman of the Board of Management, H.E Ato Seyoum Mesfin has also paid tribute to the extensive services of Ato Girma Wake pointing out that he has been serving Ethiopian Airlines as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since February, 2004 with the utmost dedication and commitment. Under his leadership, the performance of the management and the concerted effort of all employees, the airline has achieved significant growth in all measuring parameters for the last six and half years. Ato Girma successfully led the most ambitious growth periods in the company’s history, most notably with the implementation of Vision 2010, which saw Ethiopian ranked as the 16th most profitable airline in the world.

H.E Ato Seyoum added, “Today the airline has embarked upon a new direction by stretching its previous growth strategy. As a result Vision 2025, the fifteen years strategic road map for the growth of the airline, has been laid out and the airline is on the first year of its implementation. The Board of Management has noted that when Ato Girma retires, it should appoint a successor capable of continuing implementing this strategic direction to make Ethiopian the foremost Aviation Group in Africa and to continue contributing to the socio-economic development of Ethiopia. Since Ato Girma has been serving Ethiopian for the last 37 years, the time has now come for his retirement,” he said, “and accordingly, Ato Tewolde Gebremariam has been appointed as the CEO – Designate of Ethiopian Airlines until December 31, 2010, after which period of time he will assume the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines.”

The Chairman called upon all employees to extend their full cooperation to Ato Tewolde to ensure the success of his new responsibility.

Ato Tewolde graduated from the Addis Ababa University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He has also earned a masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Open University, UK. Ato Tewolde is married and father of three boys and one girl.

About Ethiopian

Ethiopian Airlines, one of the largest and fastest growing airlines in Africa, made its maiden flight to Cairo in 1946. With the recent addition of flight services to Pointe Noire, Ethiopian provides dependable services to 39 cities in Africa and a total of 59 international destinations spanning throughout four continents.

Ethiopian won the NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Excellence Awards 2009 on November 25, 2009 and “Airline of the Year” award from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) on November 24, 2009, bringing the total Awards honored since January 2009 to five.

In August, 2008, Ethiopian won “the 2008 Corporate Achievement Award” of Aviation & Allied Business for setting the pace towards the development and growth of the African aviation industry.

Ethiopian is also the first African carrier to win the 2008 Brussels Airport Company Award in recognition of its distinguished long haul operations witnessed through the introduction of new routes, new products, and close cooperation with Brussels Airport in marketing activities.

Ethiopian was the winner of the ‘2008 Best Airline in Africa Award’ at the African Travel Award ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria, for its excellent network and convenient connections in Africa.

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4 comments on “Ethiopian Board of Management Appoints New CEO

  1. There is no doubt Tewolde can be a good candidate for the job. Tewolde is a hard working and highly experienced person. I hope he will be as humble as Girma Wake.

  2. The new guy is very hot tempered and arrogant.i.e lack of interpersonal skills. Otherwise he knows the in’s and out’s of the Airline industry. With his vast exprience, he can be a good asset for the airline.

  3. The man is a TPLF man and promoted because of his ethnicity and membership. Do research before spinning for TPLF. Who is the EA Board Chair man? TPLF.
    What was this man role for the past 18 years, do you know about his role during the cleansing of EA from the chauvinist? Who was the person leading the work to remove the EA old logo (lion) in behalf of TPLF. What was his role during the previous CEO (actually he was just a symbol)

    When are you going to wake up? For TPLF it is part of consolidating the national asset. Can’t you see this? Ethiopian people and EA staffs are watching. Please before you copy and post TPLF news do some research or spend some time to write your own report. Do you have reporters? or you just post for others? What i mean do you do some journalistic work or just spinning for others ?

    Please just go and ask any EA staff from the door man to the department heads and they will tell you the role of this man in that organisation.

    P O

  4. PO,what you are writing is just nonesense. He can be a TPLF memeber but the statement “he is promoted becuase he is TPLF” does not hold water. I personally do not care to which party he is affliated to. But if he is TPLF memeber then that is purely coincidental. Otherwise Tewolde is, in my openion as I know him, the best person for the position. Another gentleman above said Tewolde is hote tempered. Actually he gets angry if you are lazy, if you come to work late, if you do what you are not told to do, if you do your job the way you want it instead of based on the rules and procedure, etc.

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