4 comments on “Video- edp’s election campaign 2010

  1. It amazing . Although Lidetu didn´t win he saw his re birth at his birth place Lalibella. I congraTulate ato Lidetu Ayalew and THANK YOU THE PEOPLE OF LALIBELLA WHO TOOK PART IN THIS METTING AND VOTED TO EDP.

    Ewnet Yashenifal

  2. ከባለቤቴ ዘለቃሽ ጋር ሚጡም ሳትቀር ቁጭ ብለን አየነው፡፡ እንዴ!! በተለይ ዘጠነኛው ቪድዮ በጃንሜዳ የሚከበር ጥምቀት አይደለም እንዴ የሚመስለው?

  3. Wawww!!! I can´t believe this.It is a huge gathering compared to the population of Lalibella.
    I wonder how all parties just kept quite after the election.

  4. Bekele ,
    Is there ninth video? I have seen just one. I will search for the ninth one. i think I know Zelekash
    I can´t accept that Lidetu is defeated in Bugna. He has such a wide supporter.In one way thanks to God that he didn´t win all the blind diaspora may give him 30 additional names. I wish to get chance to ask a MEAD “leader“ Mamushet who said that there is no candidate from woyane in Lalibella. Shame to Mamushet! A BIG LIER

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