Ethiopia signs peace deal with rebel group – The Associated Press

April 9, 2010



ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia says they’ve signed a peace deal with a major rebel group in the country’s volatile east.

The government says the Ogaden National Liberation Front agreed Tuesday to end its long-running insurgency in Somali Regional State and join the political process.

But it was not clear whether the main body of the shadowy ONLF signed the agreement. The group’s San Diego branch earlier this month said the man who signed Tuesday’s agreement is no longer with the ONLF.

The ONLF’s London-based media arm has questioned a previous peace deal the Ethiopian government claimed with another ONLF group.

The ONLF was founded in 1984 and accuses the ethnically Tigray-dominated government of starving Ethiopia’s ethnically Somali region of resources and killing its residents.