EDP Support Group in London held a successful meeting in London

November 22, 2010

However as the organizers were fully aware of what was being cooked by Ginbot 7 and to protect those who came to have a civilized discussion based on the UK law, a prior arrangement was made with the police.

The police intervened and removed from the hall those who were disruptive and not willing to have any civilized discussion.

The meeting was started by EDP president, Ato Lidetu Ayalew. Ato Lidetu explained about the current Ethiopian politics, the coming EDP party conference and the way forward.

After EDP’s president explanation, the floor was open to questions and answers. The organizers stressed that there is no question under the sun that can not be asked in the hall.

Particularly those who have opposing view were encouraged to bring to the open their views and reservations as the meeting was organised to give them a platform to bring their dissent to the open.

Participants brought what ever differences they have and expressed their feeling unreservedly about EDP and Ato Lidetu, which Ato Lidetu addessed in turn.

When concluding the meeting, Ato Lidetu thanked the audience, particularly those who put their opposing views openly and in a civilized manner.

As far as EDP support group is concerned, it will continue to organize public meetings and discuss Ethiopians on issues. EDP not only welcomes but encourages peaceful and civilised dissent.

As for G7 supporters, thuggery and violence have no place in the UK. We remind them that this country is the UK where the rule of law prevails. Organising a lawful meeting/dissent Is the alpha and omega of the British constitutional arrangement.

EDP Support Group in London



22 comments on “EDP Support Group in London held a successful meeting in London

  1. the G7 supporters has been stone and stupid like their leader DEDEBU DR. Birhanu., if they were realy for the truth it was their time to search the truth and find out about Lidetu.but they seems they are belongs to shabia.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing. Whant a bunch of idiots! If this doesn’t embarass Birhanu and Andargachew, then what else?

  3. መጀመሪያም ከነዚህ ጋር ቁጭ ብሎ ለመነጋገር መሞከር ራሱ እብድነት ነው እነዚህን መጀመሪያ ጸበል:: አዎ ጋኔሉ እስከሚወጣ ድረስ በጸበል ቱኣ ቱኣ አድርገህ ከፈወስክ በሁላ ከዛ በሁአላ ቁጭ ብሎ እንደሰው መነጋገር

  4. Here is uncut version of the so called G7 military operation with backing of UDJ’s leader in Europe. This was before they G7 commander-in-chief and his followers were removed and the meeting stared after the audiences allowed to return. If you do not know them, the lead singer is UDJ’s chairman of Europe Ato Abebe Tolosa. The backing vocals are the brother of Ato Andargachew Tsege, Bizuneh Tege, the rest with the big beer bellies are the true believers of Dr. Berhanu’s party future ministers, ambassadors, army generals. Enjoy the show and try to guess their collective IQ.

    Please meet your future minsters and ambassadors


    The two and half hours recording of the full meeting will be loaded in due soon. Now ready for good laugh, it is all about the tail end of the bells curve.



  5. Dr berhanu solder failed stop edp meeting by chanting! The chanting was led by the brother of andargachew targets. But the rebil leader shaking his body by anexpected tforce from esp supporter! After 5 minute chanting everyone kiked out by edp supporter!! That was the drama I have seen on the hole! And after 5 minute G7 rebel post there chanting on youtube it was funy post kkkkkkkkkkk. The whole video will come soooooooon!!!

  6. I don’t think this disruptive and unruly behaviour is good for the image of Ginbot 7 and any party for that matter. I don’t know how they can convince me that they are better than the dictatorial regime of the current rulers, for instance in respecting freedom of speech.
    More over, it hurts me so much to hear the name of the racist Abebe Tolosa as the head of UDJP-Europe. This was the guy who was saying publicly “send the Tigres to where they came from” and yet he preaches about Ethiopian unity.

  7. Kebebew feds yalkubet mekneyat ye
    G 7 wotaderoch be lenden yeseruten video say new hide modeled besak!!! Kebrbew be and wilt yeserawen derama astawoseg! Kebebew srwryew ga tetalto seweyrwen saumetaw learning behowala blessed yezo yefekeral be ategebi yalefu set menhonk setelew seweyew sedbog begorade ankeche ankeche talkut blo arefew! Ye
    G 7 fekera tan yemesel never deramaw! Yenekut ye edp support group and be and ke adarashu
    Gash polisun eyzefenu be andargachew tsge wondem merenet tesenanetu!! Ato ledetum be anbesochu teketayochachew del adetegu! Ye tomatem bomb ye enkulal bomb talent blew seyawru arsenal abrsham sewashe egzeren ayferam bye tgetemku!!! Sebsenaw be ashenafenet yetrtenakekew be edp abaloche mehonun never yetazebkut!!!

    Ke kebebew geda yayehut tezebt new! Cher ygtemen!

  8. Yared I assume you are the one who is taping the protesters.
    I read your post with interest. You talk a great deal about democracy, surely you must know that to protest is an integral part of the democratic culture. You live in the UK i assume. You must have seen the UK govt spending a greal deal of money on police time to ensure ppl can excercise their right to protest and yes sometimes it turns violent. They are people who take a very different view from the leader you support, incidentally he is a man with dubious record. After they registered their protest they should have been asked to leave the hall, period.
    However to heap all this venom and nonsense on stilts, against these people, some of who i know is rather depresssing from a well read man like you.
    I noticed with chagrin and with a degree of irony that you were videotaping the protesters. You see some people will read your action as as an act of intimidation.

    If you are a real democrat you should be tolerant of dissent and some pppl who have suffered a great deal from the crimes committed by the regime you seem to be implicitly supporting, will be forgiven if they are emotional an fortright when expressing their views.

    No one doubts your intellect but i don’t think you will have a great career in spinning for the ambience of the meeting and the number of participants in the meeting cannot by any standard be described as sucessful. I know this because i heard a first hand account of what happened at the meeting

    All I say to you, although i fundamentally disagree with your support to a man such as Lidetu,(i will refrain from expressing my view on him), i respect your right to support Lidetu but surely you must at least empathise with those who are deeply frustrated by the appalling human rights violations committed by this regime with the tacit support of parties such as EDP.
    Incidentally all this third way spouting by Lidetu is poppycock and you know it for you are an intelligent man.

    Your support for Lidetu should not blind you to the fact people are bitterly angry about what your leader has done and when you are alone i implore you to reflect on that and understand why they explode sometime.
    your respectfully

  9. G7 army faild to control Ethiopian community in Beritania live alone a single Woreda from Woyane.Those less human supporters of G7 insult EDP leaders and supporters for the first 5 minute.Finaly, the meeting concluded and EDP achived the target it sets.These people won`t have the chance even to cross Gondar. I am Gondare but I will not let them occupy my village. Shame G7.

  10. Belay Zeleke what has the fact you are Gondare has anything to do with the point you making, it just beggars belief that you seem to be supporting a party like EDP which stands idle when TPLF is oppressing our people, i wonder how many of your Gonderes agree with you in Gondar, think before you spout this nonsense on stilts

  11. Losser Andargachew and Birhanu . We know you kan have 20 dogs who can bark but the truth never hiddien.
    G7 when they can´t attack woyane they demonstrate against Lidetu. Why don´t you go to Meles KKkkkk.
    You have to rad what democracuy mean. Lidetu is wise and smart that is why Andargachew organised this idiots

  12. Shame on G7 Mechanga bitis ahiya betris.
    We know Andargachaew and Birhanu are exposed from their hiddenh aGENDA THAT IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL lIDETU

  13. Ewnwtm ahiya bitis mechanga betris.
    We know Birhanu and Andargachew prefers Meles than Lidetu. Because he knows all their nonsense selfish actions.This are our civilised leaders . LIDETU WILL TEACH YOU WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS AND ALL WHAT YOU WANT

  14. G7 you think you hurt Lidetu but you expose who you are .Shame on Andargachew.Losser .Go and fight woyane . Hodam is one who gathered 1000 USD feomevery individual

  15. Ay G7 useless people Go and fight if you can.Useless lossers
    Good to know who G7 are.Shame to Birhanu and Andargache. Birhanu and Andargachew are closwer to woyane

  16. Lidetu will have a special place in history by sacrifiyng all his young age for peacefull struggle.He is the only person who payed such a lot of sacrifies. I wish him to see the frut of his struggle.

  17. I was expecting such disterbances after the interview he gave about Birhanu. The money gathered from poor Ethiopians is payed to organse such dogs who can ONLY SHOUT

  18. Ethiopians, when are we going to learn on the idea of “agree to disagree” and move on? People live in among “civilized” society and still learn noting but bark like dogs. Ledetu is an evil man. But, he should be given the opportunity to be confronted in a civilized manner and though lessons. Not screamed at and sent off. What have we proved here? Noting but yelled at a sellout politician. He should be thought lessons on everything he did since he betrayed his fellow party members. Two wrongs don’t make it right. It was loss loss situation for both Ledetu and G7.



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