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  1. Yasazenal betam EDP really is taking the Ethiopian people for fools. What is wrong with Lidetu and his cronies?. If the EDP meeting in Camden went ahead after 20 mins of mayhem ( caused by member of G7) as Lidetu alleges in the video, instead of posting an interview conducted in Yared H’s flat, why can you not post a video of the meeting which went ahead after Abebe et al were ejected. As this is what Lidetu implausibly want people to believe. So I say, come on Yared et al show us the video of the meeting, if you can’t then your silence will speak volume.

  2. Thanks Ato Lidetu, you are always disarming. These tugs who want to demonize you have no sense of political civility. They have no peace internally because they are filled to their brims with hatred and ignorance. They do not have a clue as to how to approach our political problems. These people are psychos who are suffering from their child-hood communist ideas. Ato Lidetu, you should continue to teach from your fertile mind for such sick individuals, who are victims of their own past, are not few in the diaspora. Continue to instil your democratic ideals to change our society for the better. EDP is a great organization with a big hope for Ethiopia, and you are a special child of this generation with unbelievable personal capabilities. No wonder your opponents are dying with envy in view of your unique political abilities. No other political leader would challenge these retarded elements decisively as you do to put them to their right place. God bless you Lidetu!

  3. Firew Taye. Did you call a collaborator like Lidetu “disarming”. I hope you will come to your senses and stop spouting this nonsense on stilts. How can a man like Lidetu who has shown callous disregard to the suffering of many at the hands of the regime can be lionised by you is beyond me. Firew do you really think Lidetu who is in my mind a poodle to the despotic regime, can be described as someone with democratic ideals. I don’t know who you have been talking to but I have not met a single person who is dying with envy. I fear you may be afflicted with delusion of grandeur. Firew the fact that Lidetu was escorted by members of the Ethiopian Embassy staff in London and his interview was posted in Aigaforum speaks volume as where Lidetu in the rather polarised ethiopian political landscape. All I say to you is please do not suspend your critical faculties and be sensitive to the suffering of our compatriots. I leave you with two quotes which hopefully will make you reflect.

    Abraham Lincoln said” I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

    You see Lidetu and his cronies erroneously beleive as long as they are living in luxury it does not matter what the regime does to other but let me remind you of this well known quote
    “They came first for the Communists,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews,and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.Then they came for meand by that time no one was left to speak up.

  4. kibebew, you are liar. Lidetu was not escorted by embassy staff. I was there. Why dont you take your bere wolede alubalta to emf. I think you are in the wrong place

  5. Kebebew I was in the meeting myself! I haven’t see when ato ledetu escorted by Ethiopian embassy! Pls we ned to talk true instead of creste fals history! We are taired of false accusation!!!!!!

    What I have seen in the meeting ato ledetu supporter were Well organized than G7. That is why they have held there meeting successfuly!

    It’s shame to read your false potere!!

  6. ክበበው ይህቺን የተለመች የሸዋ ሴራህን አቁም፡፡ እሱማ ከንግዲህ አይሰራም፡፡ በዚህ መንገድ ከልጅ እያሱ ጀምራችሁ (ከመቶ ዓመት በላይ) መጣችሁበት፡፡ እስቲ አሁን ደግሞ ሌላ ዘዴ፣ ሌላ ብልሃት ፍጠሩና ሌላ መቶ ዓመት ለመንገታገት ሞክሩ እንጂ! ክበበው ይህቺን የተለመች የሸዋ ሴራህን አቁም፡፡ እሱማ ከንግዲህ አይሰራም፡፡ በዚህ መንገድ ከልጅ እያሱ ጀምራችሁ (ከመቶ ዓመት በላይ) መጣችሁበት፡፡ እስቲ አሁን ደግሞ ሌላ ዘዴ፣ ሌላ ብልሃት ፍጠሩና ሌላ መቶ ዓመት ለመንገታገት ሞክሩ እንጂ!

  7. Mami and lemlem ( i suspect it is one and the same person from the style of writing) if you have not seen Yalew and his crew at the meeting i doubt if you were present at the meeting.Lemlem you keep repeating the lie that EDP sucessfuly conducted the meeting, if that is the case, why can you not post the meeting on youtube, instead of posting an interview in Yared’s H flat.

  8. Bravo Lidetu and thanks ethiofacts.
    Frew Taye put it in a attractive way, Who the opponets of Lidetu are. When they can´t challenge Lidetu they get organised to sing a song . It is really shameful and backwardness.
    I wonder what Abebe and Andargachew doing here in London while woyane put their father in prison.kkkkkkkkkkkk
    If they are men let them go to Ethiopia through Sudan ,Eritria or Egypt and fight woyane not shouting over our hero Lidetu Ayalew

  9. Bravo Ato Lidetu!!! You are the only one who opens the door. Every one especially those who knows the truth kept silent because they are afraid of being insulted by G7 and UDJ supporters. But you did it. Bravo as usuall.
    It is a good apportunitu to expose who these few wide mouth G7 members are. By the way are they only these in number from two parties (G7 and udj) and they hav prepared for a month to organise may be 20 people maximum. Shame they will remain 5 after a year.

  10. Shame to G 7 .When they can´t fight woyane they demonsrate against EDP.They will report to their supporters that they use the two round 500 usd to organise such movement of 20
    wogen neka atbela.

    God bless Lidetu Ayalew

  11. Lidetu jegna new . Hulachinm wust bizu tarik ale sile birhanu ena andargachew yetnant woyanewch zare Lidetun ligdlubimokru ayigermim. Yensu chigr siltan Ye lidetu tigil lehager.betam sefi liyunt silale ayasgerimim.
    Lidetu amlak yitebikh.

  12. I again your guessing is wrong that i used two nick name. coming to your main point, you intially said he was escorted. Now you say two individuals coincidently from embassy were present. I personally find it odd why you that bothers you. To me waht matters is whether they are Ethiopian or originally Ethiopians. They have unalienable right to participate as long us the meeting is open to anyone.

  13. Ledetu we know everything theose ppl who are shouting on your meeting they can not wolk 1 km to fight there enemy! Inadditon as you explain you know those guys very well as we know them take it easy be strong.

  14. Mami after reading your eloquent response I accept I erroneously assumed you and Lemlem were one and the same, so forgive me.

    On the more substantial point you have failed to respond to the main issue instead chose to pick one word and sought to amplify them so that they sound irrational.

    My beef inter alia with Lidetu and his supporters is how can in all conscience can they sit there and collaborate with a regime which is oppressing our people.

    As for Yalew and his crew of course he is entitled to attend, I was simply noting the rapprochement between the party you support and the EPRDF.

    Please check aigaforum site and the coverage the Lidetu interview it received for further affirmation of the rather unsavoury relationship between the regime and EDP.

    I think it was in April 2010 just before the election, Meles lambasted his own members ,not for imprisoning without due process, or summarily dismissing and torturing members of the opposition but, wait for it, because some rather overexcited EPRDF members in lalibela tore off EDP posters and said that Lidetu is protestant. Please note the tone adopted by Meles when he calls his own members weradoch.

    Mami before you accuse me of am making it all up,please click on the link below and fast forward to 13 mins.

    The evidence is so compelling it is utter waste one’s energy to set out. All I say to you is if you truly believe fundamental change needs to come about in our country, well unless EDP changes course, it is the not party you should look to for solutions.

    Otherwise you seem to be a rather intelligent lady ( again i assume from your nick) and I am sure there are many areas we can agree on apart from politics.

    Incidentally I recall many years back, Lidetu was going on about the fact that he will not seek re election and he is only the party which has term limit for its leaders, do you know when his term ends?

    Enjoy the link below ( make sure you ff to 13 mins otherwise you will be bored rigid lol)


  15. It is very difficult or almost impossible to communicate with these retarded people as they live in a different world. They do not understand that we in Ethiopia should fight for a system that accommodates pluralism. Their political world view is permanently fixed to a bipolar paradigm; either you are a revolutionary or a reactionary, an oppressed or an oppressor, a friend or an enemy. So every individual should always fit to one of these groups. If you do not buy their point of view, you are automatically labelled as their enemy. What a curse it is the day when such unrealistic and simplistic understanding of complex socio-political phenomena entered our land! In politics or in individual actors of politics, they do not try to understand specific issues in perspectives. For them it is enough to take an issue or a fraction of an issue to make generalizations and categorise somebody or organization to one of these imaginary camps. After that the whole exercise will be to pile up artificial praise for their own side and; to fabricate lies to assassinate the character of the one labelled as an enemy. That is what they call the struggle. It is not based on relevant issues or tangible realities.

    In this blind effort to impose their will, not only they campaign daily to misinform the public, but also try to hamper the public from getting information from the other side. They do not want to give people the opportunity to establish a balanced judgement. They never try to solve political differences by civil discussions and debates, negotiations and compromises. Rather, they work restlessly to aggravate tensions and animosities so that they could get ‘’excuse’’ to eventually physically eliminate the opponent, given the chance. Since their main driving force is hatred, no amount of truth and logic from the different side will convince them. They are truly retarded and it makes it difficult to exchange views. It is these backward elements the liberals of our generation are facing today. We tell them to read some literatures on liberalism to get some clues about political behaviours of the human being and recommended solutions to political problems. We advise them to try to learn from other developed societies in order to exhibit a civilized behaviour. Look for instance Mr Abebe, the representative of UDJ in London who was shouting slogans during the disturbance. Politics for him is no more than just shouting slogans. He is not even worried about the meanings of the words and sentences he makes. In the demonstrations and at home in his rehearsals he is used to shout ‘’Meles is a murderer!’’. When he saw Lidetu he just changed the name and started to bark ‘’ Lidetu is a murderer!’’, then when Yared from EDP’s support group in London approached to talk to him he just started to shout ‘’Yared is a murderer!’’. Can you take this man seriously? Can one really discuss national political issues with such individuals?

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