Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) Welcomed At A Summit Held in Cape Town

November 26, 2010

Mrs Sophia also thanked the host of the assembly, primer Helen Zille, of Western Cape Province, leader of the Democratic Alliance, the main opposition to the ANC in the South African parliament.


From the left Dr Mamadou Lamina Ba and Mrs Sophia Deressa

Mrs Sophia highlighted the effort members of Mrs Zille party, Democratic Alliance, showed to facilitate her delegates visit to South Africa, including travel and visa arrangement. Mrs Sophia attended a reception at the official residence of Primer Zille. Mrs Sophia had also an opportunity to have a visit to the South African Parliament guided by senior member of Democratic alliance MP .

Following the admission of EDP, President Lamina Ba, discussed the historical role played by Ethiopia in African affairs and welcomed EDP to the liberal democratic African family.

EDP’s unrivalled achievement in Cape Town, has been in the making for a number of years; in fact the process was initiated prior to the controversial 2005 election.

Along with a number of other goals EDP set itself, [in order to build the foundations of a civil society in Ethiopia, based on Individual Liberty, rule of law, free market and democracy] the aftermath of the 2005 election delayed, what has now been achieved in Cape Town. This membership gives EDP and liberal democratic forces in Ethiopia a unique platform as well as networking avenue to pursue liberty and democracy in Ethiopia.

Over the last few years EDP had focused on what it sees as a priority at the home front; however, it is now poised to engage with the international community and Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

Primer Hellen Zille

Primer Hellen Zille

EDP, as member of African Liberal Network, will be able to advocate through diplomacy, issues related to individual liberty and democracy in Ethiopia. EDP will share its experience with other member parties, within the Africa liberal family and Liberal International; EDP has accumulated valuable experience while campaigning in a unipolar or unequal political environment, exemplified by the 99.6% EPRDF “win” of the May 2010 election. At the same time EDP hopes to have access to member parties experience and expertise from both the African and International Liberal organisation. EDP sees training courses for its leadership and young members with potential leadership role as the key area where ALN and Liberal International can play practical role.

The formal signed letter of acceptance of EDP into the African Liberal Network was received on 22nd of November 2010 from African Network Offices in London. Ironically the letter comes only a day after EDP president Ato Ledetu Ayalew had a successful and eventful meeting with Ethiopians in London.

Ato Ledetu’s meeting and receipt of ALN membership letter witnessed this week in London crystallise the strategic correct path taken by EDP for the establishment of Liberty and Democracy through peaceful mobilisation of Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora.

This remarkable achievement, bourne of a prolonged effort, which gives all Ethiopians a new avenue to pursue their campaign for Liberty and democracy. EDP’s achievement stands in clear contrast to some in the opposition who this week attempted to violently interrupt a peaceful meeting of Ethiopians in an Ethiopian community Hall, in London.

Dr Lamina Ba

Dr Lamina Ba

The events in London amply demonstrate how few individuals with extreme views can hijack and frustrate the peaceful struggle for liberty. While their action of holding a peaceful meeting hostage for 20 minutes with thuggery and throwing of chairs did not achieve a single advantage for Ethiopians yearning for Liberty and democracy; EDP on the other hand has now set up a diplomatic and a lobbying channel with direct access to members of the British Parliament and the European Union office. EDP believes football mob style hooliganism at the centre of our respected Ethiopian community hall and in a place like London, where the rule of law is esteemed is a sign to all Ethiopians that some in the so called opposition will behave in a similar way if they ever get any authority in Ethiopia.

With the letter of acceptance into the Liberal family, Ato Lidetue Aylew, president of EDP, was sent an invitation for a meeting with senior African Liberal Network and Liberal International officials.

EDP’S motto for the events of this week in London is –

We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope- and hope does not disappoint us. ROMANS 5:3-5


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  1. My advise to EDP is to forget G7 & co and focus on the future; as exemplified by this press release. As i am from the new generation, i would like to focus on the future. Of course the past matters but only to learn from it. I do not want/let G 7 to take us backward.

  2. We need armed struggle to overthrow Woyane. There is no better party than G7 to over throw Woyane and free Ethiopia. Lidetu is a woyane mole in the opposition.

  3. To Koftanaw,
    When shall we Welcome you at Bole Air Port? I hope it will be prior to the coming of Jesus.

  4. i love lidetu becouse he is democratic, young,not recist, no blood in his hand and postive. as an ethiopian i want lidetu to be my PM and i will support what ever i can!!!!!!!

    God bless lidetu
    God bless ethiopia and the ethiopians

  5. Well it looks like you lots are trying to resesuciate Lidetu’s political career which i think is very impossible. Go on fighting a losing battle.

  6. no new idea had ever progress without first been challenged by vicious forces of society. EDP’s new way, the third way, will have to go through difficult times. The oldies will do every thing they can possibly do. The hooliganism in London is nothing as compared to what they can commit if they have the means. But they will be defeated. This is the time of EDP, the party of the young, the party of hope and peace.

    Long live Lidetu
    Long live EDP

  7. M.Tewodros

    I was ashamed by the action in London as an Ethiopian.
    Saddened by the political maturity and the problem solving capacity of our opposition leadership with civility and responsibility.Sorry for my beloved nation Ethiopian. The current political generation has killed its past, present and busy killing the countries bright future.
    Let Almighty God give us the hope for the this hopless nation !!
    Be cher Zigtemen

  8. I am proud of EDP. You are the hope of Ethiopia. Your sacrifice is for the betterment of the future Ethiopia.
    We know how much you have paid for peaceful struggle and Don´t forget the silent majority is judging the situation and will stand with EDP. We don´t forget the insult when EDP sitt to debate with woyane for the first time but then in 2005 people like birhanu were self appointed to meet and discuss with Meles Zenawi. Modern idea is a winner
    EDP shall win

  9. Bravo EDP !!!! That is it.
    G7 is a losser that is why they are so wild.
    Ene kemotku serdo ayibkel endalechw new. They are almost dying so they want to kill ather live parties.
    Andargachew is already out of politics as he said it ones “If he respects his words´´ But I don´t think he will do that because he can´t survive he has no jobb. He should device a mechanism to get money to raise his twins.

  10. Wawwww EDP congra!!!!
    You know what happened in London is a good chance to describe the diaspora extrimities . I see it really as an apportunity. It exposes who the so called G7 are and UDJ kkkk.
    Wild and as Lidetu said it they dono´t know what they want.

  11. Waht a good news
    Keep on EDP!!!!.I love wro Soffia Yilma Dressa bravo!!!!
    EDP is party of the future!!!

  12. Bravo!!!!
    Do your jobb let them shout .Their number is decreasing and decreasing. When the money flow stops they will keep quite their aim is to gather money nothing more.

  13. Lidetu is a great leader. The others are so gelous because they cant be like him. The only means is to call him woyanne. They are so silly and suspects others in being woyane.
    Leba enat lijiwan atamnim ASndargache please Lidetu is not like you. He stands for Ethiopia when you were a woyane leader at Addis. We know that Andargachews problem only power and mony not Ethiopa. But Lidetu stand firm in his prinsiple.
    Abebe and Andargachew better to fight woyane if you can you father is in prison . What are you doing here?

  14. We lopve you Lidetu.
    Your Parties is on the right direction
    History will record all your sacrifies!!!!

  15. Modern idea has always an opponentso take it easy Ato Lidetu . They are few although they are from two parties.That is good lesson to them to see them selves in.

  16. These people has some thing to hide that is why they didn´t want to have the discussion. They could challenge him and expose who Lideu is if they have a tangable or fact but they donot have that they just only shouts like microphone. Bado ras mechoh yichilal
    Bravo London EDP support groups

  17. Congratulation EDP. your way of struggling is the only solution for OUR ETHIOPIA.
    I suport E D P !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. EDP and LIDETU knows how to fight the EVILS in a civil way.
    what the G7 done in London helped me to examine who is ato Lidetu and what is EDP, now I decided to join E D P and I like to thank E D P ian in London.!!!!!

  19. Good job EDP.

    Thanks ethiofact to let us know apdated news!!!

    Ethiomeia ato abreha belay and Dr Berhanu Mega they are doing joint business to discredited EDP and ato ledetu, whatever they wrout on ethiomedia weeb we had no time to read there false potre!

    Abreha belay leep your former TPLF we will keep

  20. Good job EDP.

    Thanks ethiofact to let us know apdated news!!!

    Ethiomeia ato abreha belay and Dr Berhanu Mega they are doing joint business to discredited EDP and ato ledetu, whatever they wrout on ethiomedia weeb we had no time to read there false potre!

    Abreha belay leep your former TPLF we will keep

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