EDP President Ato Lidetu met Senior Liberal International Officials In London

December 2, 2010

The meeting lasted for an hour and half. A number of issues were raised on the political situation in Ethiopia and also EDP’s role in the political process.

Ato Lidetu briefed EDP’s commitment to Liberal Democratic values to bring an end to the last 40 years of revolutionary violence and create liberal, democratic and tolerant society. He also raised some of the concerns and challenges, the country faces due to the absence of level playing field, which was reflected by the May 2010 election result. The result was a consequence, of limited media access, inequitable election fund to the opposition , EPRDF’s  unlimited access and use of all the organs of the government and state resources.

To put into context  the May  2010 election result, Ato Lidetu compared the 1994 first democratic election, in post-Apartheid  South Africa, which the ANC won only by  62.5% of the vote , where as EPRDF claims to have won the election by 99.6 of the vote, with it, all but two of 547 seat in parliament. The result is a worrying trend for EDP who had been working to help Ethiopia move from one party state in to vibrant multi-party democracy.

Ato Lidetu reiterated EDPs continued commitment to struggle for the establishment of a genuine democracy based on individual liberty in Ethiopia. EDP will intensify its campaign for national consensus, less polarised political culture and reasoned opposition to EPRDF.

Mr Robert Woodthorpe-Browne for his part, stated Liberal International’s commitment to play a positive role to achieve genuine democracy in Ethiopia based on the principles of Liberal values such as individual liberty, rule of law, free market, respect for private property and democracy; values also shared by EDP.

Mr Woodthorpe-Browne, welcomed EDP’s  effort to address the  unsatisfactory state of civil liberty and democratic  situation in Ethiopia. He reassured Ato Lidetu that Liberal International and members of the British Liberal party, will raise with the relevant officials and Ministries so that, they could engage and assist the democratisation process.

Currently a number of documents related to Ethiopia are being studied by Liberal Democrat members of the House of Lords, the British Upper house, and backbench Members of the British parliament. In due course EDP will lobby ministers including Secretary State for International Development, the Right Honourable Andrew Mitchell so that the British government could assist creation of better level playing field in Ethiopia. The British Government is currently the largest donor in the EU with £214.3 Million ( 333.2 million US Dollar) of bilateral aid for 2009/2010. The bulk of British aid goes into budgetary assistance such as education, health and productive safety net.

Minister Andrew Mitchel visited Ethiopia two months ago in September 2010. His visit, organised by a British aid agency called Action Aid Ethiopia; he stayed with a farmer named Ato Aberar and his family in Southern Ethiopia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLgE_QeuEPk

Before the end of the meeting, Ato Lidetu reaffirmed the necessity of aid to Ethiopia for the foreseeable future to alleviate chronic poverty, however EDP believes in the de-coupling  of aid management from government political activity, especially in the run up to elections.

EDP will continue to lobby donor countries and the diplomatic community in their dealings with the EPRDF government to uphold values, such as individual liberty, human rights, free market, rule of law, free speech, economic liberty and democracy. These values are the only guaranteed way to rescue the vast majority of Ethiopians from poverty and underdevelopment in the long term.

EDP will hold its national conference, which takes place every two years, in three months time. It is expected a new president will be elected after the conference. EDP is planning further engagement and public meeting for Ethiopians in the Diaspora in the next few months.



10 comments on “EDP President Ato Lidetu met Senior Liberal International Officials In London

  1. To my awareness, in Ethiopian political history,it is EDP who became for the first time a member of Liberal International community. Weldone EDP. This is what i call civilised politics. Edeg temendeg EDP.

  2. Well i thought Lidetu’s political life was over. I am begining to wonder if i got the whole point wrong. Just a thought.

  3. I just can not wait to hear from the G7 thugs and hooligans who tried to disrupt the London meeting recently. Politics is not about empty bravado but it is about matured and informed analysis of the controversial political issues and the subsequent act on it.

    Thank you EDP for showing us the future.

  4. Who cares for Lidetu aka Kidetu or EDP for that matter. I do not give a damn for a banda and a TPLF stooge. We will soon liberate Ethiopia from the jaws of TPLF mercenary and then when judgement day comes,……

  5. Well-done Edepites, this is what I call thinking out of the box. EDP had been advocating a Liberal Democratic ideology for long-time and this action cements it commitment for liberal and democratic values, which makes it distinctly different from various shade of opposition as well as the ruling party idology of revolutionary democracy. Membership to such organisation make EDP’s young leaders to be committed to Liberal values, such as individual rights, freedom of speech, due process of law, tolerance, reason, right to private property, free market, limited government intervention in the life of the citizens, and more. This is a step in the right direction to breack the cycle of violence brought in to Ethiopian political culture by introduction of marxist thought which is a bed rock for intolerance, restricting, collective, revolutionary justice as opposed to due process. Welldone and Keep up the good work.

  6. Ginbot 7, this is the beginning of EDP! Still you are taking and talking. Talking never liberate a village. You better liberate yourself from old and archaic thinking.

  7. This is one step ahead in the Ethiopian politics. EDP is always bringing new culture to Ethiopian politics (especially to the oppositions). Above all work hard on your agenda of the national consenses. Well done. We are all with you.
    bravo EDP

  8. Viva Lidetu. Keep walking with the truth. I know you listen to yourself. That kind of leader that we are looking for. Lead us to the future.

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