Response to Fekade Shewakena’s article

December 19, 2010

Lidetu, of all his sacrifices that we all admire, is a pioneer in establishing a multi national party since the EPDRF cling on to power, and as such, it was his courage that pull out the elites from their ethnic enclaves so that they acted in such similar way until moving forward in crafting how an integrated coalition could viably occur. After the creation of E.D.P, the leadership of the party did not only play a prominent role in galvanizing the public, but also did encourage the youth to engage in political activism.

With such a noble, cautiously handled courage and wisdom, Lidetu was favored by many, including a wide spectrum of elites, in particular instance you, a teacher and political henchman of the DERG regime in Addis ababa university was his supporter, as you testified in your article— but the astonishing thing, is that you were amid those who supported him with out literally knowing what he stands for, and the same was true for the hate that some entertain as result of the 2005 election. The leap from one extreme end to another completely opposing extreme end was the problem for most of the elites, and this is one, among the very few factors that complicates the political process about the opposition parties.

You stated that Lidetu’s intellectual stature is no where near to that of Dr.Yakob, Dr. Hailu Araya and former defense Minister of the armed forces of Ethiopia, Ato Seye Abirha. For me and undoubtedly for many others, the sole standard for measuring intellectual stature would not rely solely on possessing B.S or PHD, but wining minds and hearts of a good number of all walks of people in a society so as to exert it in to a force of social, political and economical dynamics is which one simply could not easily achieve it, when it comes with him I bet too many will agree.

The other simple element is as to whether or not one had a far-reaching accomplishment in a period, where a nation’s citizens are in a state of confusion, therefore Lidetu, by any form of comparison, could not lack the sort of intellectual stature, except otherwise you wanted him to solve a century old mathematics, like Gregory Perelman of the poincare’s conjecture.

Your response as hastily as it was, misinformed people when mentioning the name of Dr. Hailu Ariya, where as Lidutu was heard saying that he responded back to Dr. Negasu. Unlike you, the reason why these people cease responding was not aimed at ignoring him or contempt to him, but for they envisage what the degree of intensity of his response might become, and hence remaining as if nothing happened was a viable decision.

Lidetu and his party emerged with a brand ideology —distancing away from a zeal advancing by the ruling party and a zeal promoted by the opposition parties on the other end; this liberal idea was which you distorted in simple terms, by saying that Lidetu came to tell us that we appreciate when the government is doing good and criticize when doing bad.

He did not confine himself with simple issue as you stressed above, but his big volume of book which stressed on the current political situation and political parties in the pre EPDRF and the after math of the Derg regime; the issues in this book will enhance the generation focus on swaying away from the usual gridlock and proceed with smart thoughts that could be measurable,, attainable and transform the economic growth incessantly.

The book is titled “Medlot ”meaning, “ scale, ” such an outstanding book which was admired by many in the country, is one I call it a doctrine Lidetu exerted his scholarly persona.

In literal expressions, this idea is noble, because: it is opening the door for a new opinions which eject the age-old style of me-me-me-me; I will represent you, I could speak for you, I am the one who knows what you want—the era of exclusion which hampered the prosperity and democratization of the country needs to cease, is what he meant, his second book reveals this and so many other issues of the country, I am sure you did not read it, because I can tell from your article.

His ideas will flourish simply because it opened the eyes of the generation of his sort, as it is a mere fact, this generation is responsible for the future of Ethiopia which will never have a government of exclusion, marginalization and imposing citizens against their will.

In the end, do not forget, Mr. Shewakena, Lidetu was not spending his almost twenty years of life playing soccer game, but doing politics, a sort of disliked by EPDRF, those who missed Derg and the kings, the we only ones, the insecure ones and the likes; amid such an intricacy, Lidetu rise as tantamount to as the best political figure so far.

Every one was talking about Lidetu’s request for political asylum in the U.S, the dissemination of his request was simply to pull him away from the political centrifugal force so that he be crippled; and thus the creation of such a situation especially was meant a defeat for those who enviously hate him, but a strength for him—he went back to Ethiopia where the real political business, the people, the ruling party, opposition parties and the peaceful struggle is available.
I have a great admiration for the leadership of E.D.P in particular and the members in general, for the vision and courage they posses in a period of perplexity and enigma.

He is back for he knew he would make it sooner or later. Alas!


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12 comments on “Response to Fekade Shewakena’s article

  1. I was a Geography student at Addis Ababa University during the derg time. I know Fekade Shewakena when he was teaching at Addis Ababa university. He was a die hard WPE member at the AA university.

    As WPE member and a die hard WPE cadre at the AA university, he was hated by all the students. I still feel vomiting when i hear his name.

    Well Fekade Shewakena might think that we have forgotten the past or there is no one who may remember his pitiful work while serving Colonel Mengistu. Now he has a nerve to criticise others. Shameful!

  2. Dera Neakuto Ahadu
    Thank you wel said.
    Fekade Shewakena deservs to get such answer.He is simply cheap and opportunist. Tomorrow he will come support woyanne.
    Lidetu is a unique politican.When Shewakena tals nonsense on paltalk Lidetu wrote a big book and did his masters degree in A.ababa university.

  3. Who is Fekade???????
    I never heard this name in Ethiopian politics activists before. But I know Lidetu, I think the truth is with this man, coz most people hate him, I remember when my Dad said to me that if most people belive that someone is a lier or dishonest, he said to me to think the other way,

  4. Thank You Neakuto Ahadu, Well said. Fekade has nothing to do with Ethiopian politics. Very narrow minded person who can not see any far distance than his eyesight. Shame on you Fekade, How come you compare Lidetu Ayalew With those old, unsuccessful, retired opposition party opportunist?????????
    Fekade, if it was an advantage of having “Dr.”, the American Presidents, senators, and congressman’s of the USA would have been all Dr.s and Phd. holders.
    Living in civilized country but uncivilized and hate full personality.

  5. The whole famous people in the world is most of them they don’t have 8th grade card education but it doesn’t matter,this kind of thinking is Berhanu nega a nonesense deep inferior complex.The American dyanmic civilization is not based only in PHD.this country development is rely on hard working Americans people.I can say only to FEkade shewakeds see Ethiopia court. whereever you go your history is with you .

  6. When he was a cadre of WPE, every at A.A.university hate him. I knew he was the main spy of the campus. But after that he could be changed his fucked up brain.A mad man with stupid generation his life based on lying smear propagda continue until now.Are you spokes man for B.Nega? go hell.B.Nega has a big mouth like a donkey or dog he barking himself.Why represent him?live ethiopia for new generation bunch of criminals go hell.

  7. Thank you Eakuto Ahadu!!
    What a very articulated opinion!
    The new politicians like Fekade shewakena are simply power seekers nothing more. They hate Lidetu because he didnot afraid them to tell the truth. Fekade said he wasnot believing that Lidetu is not woyanne if so, why he didn´t said it ?he kept qiiote and now he stary commenting when the truth about Birhanu is exposed.To tell the truth Birhanu get all this famousity because of the hard work of Lidetu and others like Dr. Admasu. Birhanu did nothing but just higacking Kinijit and collecting money and organising his own cabinet by the name of election. How on earth Birhanu and his friends blame woyane while themselves did exactly the same as woyane. Neakuto ahadu is 100 % correct in describing Fekade ´´to show his loyality to Biranu´´ I am sure fekade will ask an apology to Lidetu like the many others.
    God bless you Dear Neakuto

  8. It reqires everyones crucial that citizens participate not to revert back to revert to the old days of me only, atleast here we touch and feel the changes which are in place.There are highly organized groups who do not want to swallow the real problem of the nation,
    To this group of people, generations are not considerably responsible in the making of new ideas and ways of solution if we have to live in democratic equality.

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