Earthquake injures 26 Jimma University students

December 21, 2010

University Public Relation Department told ENA that the students were injured while trying to escape from the building out.

The department said the students have received medical treatment.

It said some windows of the buildings were broken by the tremor.

Earthquake Expert with the Geophysics, Space Science and Astronomy Service, Dr. Atalay Ayele said the earth earthquake measuring 5.3 at Richter scale hit Hossana town and its environs at 3.15 PM local time and stayed for 16 seconds.

The earthquake that lasted 19 seconds has brought no causality so far except cracks on some buildings existing in the town, the Hossanna Town Police Inspector, Erdedo Awono said.

Some old earthen houses were also demolished as a result of the earthquake.



2 comments on “Earthquake injures 26 Jimma University students

  1. I am one of Jimma Unversity student.
    fristly i like to give thanks for God for his help to control the urgent in few second!!

  2. i am one of ethiopian nationality from south africa when after seen news i am very glad because of God loves people and also with us for ever because of all people saved by his power with out nothing kept his people.so i said that thanks lord to protect people from Death .

    desta from south africa .

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