United States Dedicates New Embassy Compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

February 1, 2011

The dedication of the New Embassy Compound (NEC) in Addis Ababa marks the 77th diplomatic facility to be completed by the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) since the 1999 enactment of the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act. In the last twelve years, OBO has moved more than 22,000 people into safer facilities. OBO has built 30 new facilities in Africa and has an additional seven projects in design or construction on the continent.

The New Embassy Compound, located just below Entoto Mountain and overlooking Addis Ababa, was designed to maintain much of the plant and wildlife that has existed on the site for many years. The building design integrates green building techniques and was one of the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) registered facilities in Ethiopia.

The multi-building complex provides more than approximately 1,000 U.S. embassy direct hire and locally employed staff, including the U.S. Mission to the African Union, with more than 19,000 square meters of working space.

B.L. Harbert International of Birmingham, Alabama, under a design/build contract, constructed the NEC; the architectural firm of Page Southerland Page of Arlington, Virginia designed the facility. The total approximate cost of the project, which generated jobs in both the United States and Ethiopia, is $157 million. The new facility was completed in August 2010, with, at times, more than 1,200 workers involved in the construction.



3 comments on “United States Dedicates New Embassy Compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  1. i wish they are out of that land. they are the one which are protecting supporting killer regims in most the countries in the world including my beloved country during the cold war and now in all countries after the end of the cold war.
    the people of the world are awake they can not be cheated anymore.

  2. kirean, you smell Eritrean. Shabya tried every thing possible including lobbying paiyng 50 million a month so that America uses the socalled eritrea as a base. When that failed you started considering america as your enemy.

  3. hello kuku

    i am sure you understand from where my point was reflected.
    to clarify i am not a supporter of your little evil despot meles zenawi lead government neither the bigger evil the god father indeed of meles mafia gang issayas afeworki. i am just an ETHIOPIAN who tries to stand for my right to life, freedom, descent living condition and so on. i don’t think i am a person who sits quietly because i eat burger king or other in the comfort of the freedom we get in the country you and i live i want that freedom too; and to all the oppressed people of the world. to remind you do you remember the nearly 200 people murdered to mention the tip of the ice burg your despot murdered, a murdered mother in front of her daughter, a murdered eight year old child which mother was working in Yemen to give him a better up bringing for his future life, the Awassa massacre, the Gambella massacre, Gojam, Gondar. with all this going on it is the government of the USA which is supporting it. no need to proof it. if you want one do you remember after the massacre of 200 and imprisonment of 10s’ of thousands he was invited to a G8 meeting (with George Bush &others) which looks for me to congratulate him for a murder he and his gang committed and tell him job well-done for oppressing his people. think the tide of change is getting stronger and the wind is spreading it all over the world of despots may be it will come to the place you know. the youth of the US may open their eyes and demand from their government to stop supporting such despots too. More when freedom is experienced. Last not least do you know who taking the land of the poor natives in the name of investment?

    Let add you a joke:- in the old days farmers use to collect their harvest maximum with in six month of sowing their crop in know days Ethiopia it takes 99 years to do that with Saudi, Indian and Chinese land owners headed by meles and his mafia gang.
    By the way I have no problem with the generous and innocent American people but their machine of oppression.

    nationalism is not burger king, the right to life is not Kuntaky fried chicken, fairness is the means to get it to every one.
    Have a good day

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