Ethiopia plans to build a refinery

February 6, 2011

The sources said Djibouti is undertaking a study on the construction of the oil pipeline. Russian engineers are undertaking the study. Oil engineers say that importing crude oil reduces the cost of fuel imports adding that during the refining process products like bitumen could be obtained. Ethiopia annually imports more than 1.5 million tones of petroleum at a cost of two billion dollars.

Ethiopia had one refinery at Assab but lost it to Eritrea after the secession. Ethiopia used to import crude oil and refine it at Assab until 1998. However, due to the high service charge requested by the Eritrean government, Ethiopia stopped using the refinery and started importing refined petroleum products before the two year bloody border war broke out.

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7 comments on “Ethiopia plans to build a refinery

  1. It seems EPRDF officials are trying to show that it does not matter whether Ethiopia has access to sea or not. For various reason Ethiopia must have access to sea. Assab and Masawa which are illegally occupied by the Asmara regime still belong to Ethiopia. Even if a concession is needed, all area after ‘Semenawi Bahri National Park’ that is the area starting ‘Adi Keyih’ upto the Djibouti border should be incorporated to Ethiopia.
    Meles’ assertion – “Eritreans liberated the area, so we ca not do any thing’ does not hold water, it doesn’t make sense. Moreover, he made big blunder when he signed the approval letter that confirmed Eritrean sovereignty 19 or 20 years ago.

  2. yemote zemed yelehm,wedaje?yemoten kebrona resto kerin menkebakeb enji silemote guday zelalem malazen min lifeyid bileh?

  3. wendareg, you are just showing us your wishes that the illegal country called ‘Eritrea’ is forgotten by Ethiopian people. But me or you, the ‘Eritrean’, can not control the future, especially post TPLF era. What is wrong is always wrong till it is corrected.
    I personally don’t mind though to recognize ‘Eritrea’ minus(Massawa and Assab)as independent place as long as the people on that part of land trully want it that way.

  4. ‘post TPLF’,…’post TPLF’…we will do that,…it will happen this and that,…here and there.It seems that you and the likes have appointment with some ‘miracle'(if you wish to call that way)that can enable you to make all impossible miracles.
    I dont have any intention to pursue a meaningless debate,dear in the first place.But make sure that if there really is a miracle that can help you(after TPLF or whenever)to bring Eritrea back,even if I dont believe there is any such powerful miracle,I will be so happy.Indeed no one cannot see what will happen tomorrow, but I wish to tell you,please kill your unachievable dream to bring back Eritrea with the way you are thinking.I dont think any sensble person believes that the dead will come to life again.Instead, I beg you and the likes not to push the remaining to follow the Eritrean way.Lets love the people,guys.Without the lovely people there, what is the use of the Somali region for me?The same is also to Tigray,Gojjam,Gondar,Arsi,,…

  5. Dear all,
    now let’s focus on what is in our hand. The issue of Assab and Massawa or the “right for access to sea” access is a side work and we cannot stop until that is realized, probably a 50 yeasr project. This can happen only if Eritreans realize that their loss is much more than that of Ethiopia and decide to negotiate with Ethiopia. The world has never been fair and kind to Ethiopia, due to strategic and political intentions. I support government on this.

  6. The curremt eprdf/tplf is much different than eprdf/tplf 20 years ago. EPRDF currently is doing fantastic job in developing Ethiopia. Regarding the port issue, Dergue also made the same mistake when Mengistu gave away Djibouti. Any way I am sure given the chance EPRDF will not hesitate from doing something related the sea access issue. But as it is knwn it takes time so we need to be patient.

  7. To wondareg

    There is no diificult in this world!! Remember CHAINA how they clame there land Hongkong from British colonilala area! Pls keep your TPLF dimoralazed propaganda for you and your frlow TPLF! We Ethiopian we are waiting till the nationalist leder to come demand our land!!!

    Dont forget it is a matter of time! When the time come i dont know you guys where you hide with your blind propaganda??

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