Egypt requests Great Millennium Dam studies from Ethiopia

April 2, 2011

“According to international law, Ethiopia must supply Egypt with studies of dams it intends to build,” he explained.

For his part, former Irrigation Minister Nasr Eddin Allam warned that Ethiopia intends to build a total of four dams so as to control Blue Nile water, which supplies Egypt with 85 percent of its Nile quota.

“The reserve capacity of those dams is 141 billion cubic meters of water,” he said, pointing out that Egypt’s Lake Nasser has a capacity of 120 billion cubic meters.


10 comments on “Egypt requests Great Millennium Dam studies from Ethiopia

  1. what matter most is our national interest not theirs …who only who can decide about Ethiopia fate is only ethiopian not others ..God Bless Ethiopia !!!!

  2. we are not griedient or ilogical but we are saying let we benefit together!

  3. we Ethiopians never give up our hand for EGYPT.
    Egyptians should study our backward history of colonization.
    we should continue our struggle until winning.
    B/c Blue Nile is formed for Ethiopia.
    we can make it as our interest.

  4. Blue Nile (Abay) is a gift of God like petroleum in the the Arab world. A Just and proper use of it without greed and selfish motive is what is expected of us and very pleasing to the will of God, our sustainer. All individual or collective efforts should, as a matter of vital importance, be directed to that effect.May Allah help us avoid unforseen disputes that may arise from devilish motives ! Ammen

  5. We Ethiopian deserve the right to use the river Abay/Blue Nile if we can.who make a deal in our stomach?This GMD should not be seen as a threat for our sister country,it is sharing of the resource we must use.Please, do join us in utilizing our water resoure together,do not say we alone.
    Egptians,our brothers believe us ,we are trying to use the river with consideration of you.so,be supportive in all matters and you had better make agreement with .

  6. egypt no longer think of evil…once dustbin is others trasurse house.so, think of what is left over water .

  7. We Ethiopians have right to use Abay/blue Nile/not only for hydroelectric dam but also for irrigation purpose.

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