Ethiopia starts construction of 5250MW Nile river project

Ethiopia - millennium dam
April 5, 2011

“On the basis of benefit from the project, Sudan and Egypt should cover 30 and 20 per cent of the cost, respectively,” Meles said. “However, due to absence of fairness in the system, Ethiopia is the only country bearing the costs”.

A government “Millennium Bond” with a 5% interest rate is ready to be sold to the public to help raise the necessary finance for the project. Construction is being handled by the Salini Corporation, the same company which is currently building the Gibe III hydropower plant and which built the Gibe I, Gibe II and Tana Belese hydropower plants.

Egyptian officials are concerned that the project could deplete their country’s water resources and damage its economy. Meles has argued that such fears are “unfounded, because this energy project will use water which will then be pumped back into the river and therefore “it will not affect the river flow downstream of the dam.”


9 comments on “Ethiopia starts construction of 5250MW Nile river project

  1. exciting news. But why is that there is still electric shortage in addis ababa. It is like we are better off without additional dams.

  2. this is second transformation what our transitional governement going to do
    so we are beside you with our effert and we have to pay for our country what our country need from us
    further more we are more proud for what is going to be done
    “long live ethiopia ”

  3. Its a very exciting story that we have heard regarding the report of this great dam. I as an Ethiopian have been very passionate about it. Its also my hope that every Ethiopian is very enthusiastic regarding the utilization of our most confusing river ‘Abay’. Even though I don’t actually support or appreciate most of our dictatorial government’s actions, at least this would be one of the issues i would gladly support. Whatever the intention of the government is, be it a politically life sustaining mechanism or destruction of the Ethiopian’s attention from the revolution that we are seeing like in the Arab world, I think the idea of using the Nile had always and will always be within our hearts since childhood.Long Live Ethiopia!

  4. this Construction of Ethiopia’s 5250MW Millennium hydro power is important to us!

  5. i’m a student at jju from electrical eng.department.i gave my breakfast for one semester to build this project, so i’m happy regarding this project.we have to strive for more work b/c we are allready wake up!

  6. Hesabu tru new . Gin ke abay befyt
    Ye poletice akwamachu yematastekakilu keza eyandandu zyega le edget eg le eg tebabren ensra bihier bihereseb / ankets 35(15)keryo end Ethiopia and hizib
    Ethiopia enatachin lezelalem tinur .

  7. Right decision at right time by ethiopian governement which always memorable in this generations and new generations (coming generation)

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