Ethiopia March inflation soars to 25 percent

April 15, 2011

Ethiopia has imposed price ceilings on more than a dozen commodities including some essential foodstuffs. Food accounts for just over 57 percent of the basket used to measure the inflation rate.

Government officials have accused traders of artificially inflating food prices on the back of higher global prices and a September devaluation of the birr currency.

Ethiopia is grappling with rising inflation like other countries in Africa, including Uganda where spiralling food and fuel prices have led to protests.

On Thursday the World Bank warned that higher global food and energy prices were affecting a larger swathe of developing countries than at the beginning of the year, threatening to push more people into poverty.


2 comments on “Ethiopia March inflation soars to 25 percent

  1. So the price cap is not working. They should have done their homework such as consulting with the public, oppostion parties etc., before implementing such a drastic plan.

  2. It is out of control price are every day incresing diabtic free suger tablet increse by 15.00 birr ,I am very sory why the government is not controling medcine price ,very very un fair . So I advise The Federal Government to check what is goining in B/Dar , if I say no leader looking after the resdant daily need it is not fase ,Other problm no sugar ect ect . Please Ethiopia is not A. A . only ,If you think solveing A.A . problm is not solving other Fedral state problem please Our beloved Prime Minster check who is folowing your foot step to develop Eyhiopia as per your plan We need your remedy & corective action

    Ihope my sugestion wiil have quick respond

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