Food prices push Ethiopia inflation to nearly 30 pct

May 10, 2011

“The total price index of cereals in April 2011 has increased by 14.6 percent as compared to the same month last year, which significantly contributed to the rise in the indices of food and the general consumer price index,” the Central Statistical Agency said in a statement.

Ethiopia has imposed price ceilings on more than a dozen commodities including some essential foodstuffs. Food accounts for just over 57 percent of the basket used to measure the inflation rate.

Government officials have accused traders of artificially inflating food prices on the back of higher global prices and a September devaluation of the birr currency ETB=.

Ethiopia is grappling with rising inflation like other countries in Africa, including Uganda where spiralling food and fuel prices have led to protests.


8 comments on “Food prices push Ethiopia inflation to nearly 30 pct

    There is a government in Addis Abeba,with no meaningful ideas or solutions for this crisis,
    it has resorted to accusse all businesses and traders for their abject failure. The chamber of Commerce and the business Community has to take a stand for once, and stand up against this bully-boy tactic of an incompetent administration that is way above its capability to solve.. Notice:it is never their fault!! That is why where there is no accountability,there will not be any investment from anywhere..
    How long are they going to play the blame game? I suggest businesses should return there trading licences in unison,bite the bullet for now,….and see what they will come up with next time.TAKE THAT STEP!.

  2. I too say blaming private trades is not a solution.The government has to take full responsibility.

  3. Gashaw and Le Nesante( ha ha ha–)

    The Amhara never make constructive contributions. Always politicize issues to score cheap points. Cost of living is becoming a problem all over the world and Ethiopia is not immune from it. You know full well, business people in Ethiopia are using all opportunities to fleece their own people with out mercy. The people are aware of it and know exactly why prices are high; what ever you say, you and people like you, will not take advantage of the situation to further your hopeless political aspirations. The democratically elected government is at fault for not locking up those who are responsible for the unwarranted price hikes. Nice try but it would not work. The country is not for turning. You and your forefathers ruled the country for 100 years and did nothing. Twenty years ago the current government inherited a bunkrupt, dejected and humiliated country. Now we know and the world knows that Ethiopia has been transformed beyond recognition. Nice try but your antics would not work. The country is not for turning. Watch and learn.

  4. Belay,Firstly,we were talking about inflation,not ethnic politics.but since you brought it up….
    …. em,i think we remember the people who were dejected,humiliated and starving when you hailed into AA.You seem to forget the primary reason was migration for food, and the politics was a byproduct,even if you do not want to be reminded of your miserable past..The astonishing fact is you arrived in mehal-hager where after 20yrs of pillaging,is to sadly realise a `wesfatam is always a wesfatam agame`.(by the way, why do the eritreans call you agame,`?i understand it means barbarian or not civilised and rightfully this name will stick to you for time immemorial) Its never enough for you guys,plus let me remind you,we have time and an unending fertile land, you do not..THINGS ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD4U. Hope you have `friends` when the party ends.Meanwhile,you can blame from shabia to ginbot7 to mad egyptians,somalis, and the whole world for this mess. Corrupt and incompetent, a collection(handfull) of not even a first rate,but a third rate minority regime masquarades as a democracy? NO ONE is listening,change your tune,better yet,please wait and watch our remedy for your wesfat real soon..

  5. Le nesante,

    You have lost it, haven’t you. Don’t be tickled that easily because I have not finished with you. But take my advice, go and eat raw meat as this will calm you down a bit. Funny you should mention Eritrea— we have put them in their rightful place in just one year, where the good for nothing Amhara failed to do it in 60 years. You are twenty million, and we are only four million. It is not the number that counts, it is the intelligence and we have it in abundance. Things are looking good 4 Ethiopia ; losers and left overs from yesteryear cannot derail it. Le Barenete, you are sizzling with anger due to the fact that the tremendous change in Ethiopia is brought about by the Tigrians, and not by the clueless and worthless Amhara. You talk, we will build more universities; you talk, we will build more roads; you talk, we will build more dams ; by the time you stop barking Ethiopia will be unrecognizable– hub of East Africa.

    Thanks to us , you do not have to raise arms to change a government, there is what is called election that takes place every four years. If you and the likes of you want to change the government the way the TPLF did to decimate hundred years of Amhara domination, you will not succeed for the simple fact that you do not know how to fight. All the arms from Eritrea will not help you. We know how to snatch them from you, and destroy you once again. One last thing, the Amhara will never ever make a comeback. We know how to deal with you. Gone for good. Ethiopia will forge ahead thanks to us. Le Barenete have extra butter with your raw meat. It is good for your cholestrol count.

  6. Belay,
    Good to notice you are dribbling like a mad dog,your known ethnic trait. It is very difficult to be told your genesis.
    Let me add this,while you are still foaming from the mouth. We have a government that cannot afford to pay 1/3 of the salaries of its employee`s it has to resort to foriegn aid every month.Literally,the government has to send a begging bowl.Now,our country is the largest reciepient of foriegn aid in sub-sahara Africa that literally finances every meaningful development,and here this idiot is claiming Weyane,with its wisdom,has managed to develop the little roads,create Hospitals…etc…?The only expertise you guys have above and beyond anyone in our country is to beg.And you beg good.Ferenjoch can testify to that too.That is how the donors like thier parasites to be prideless and controlled,like a household pet.Thirty five years as professional beggers has made the TPLF on top in that business.I will give you that.The Headquarter and hub of Aid agencies.
    HENCE, that is why they keep you in power. The day the tap is turned off,i say again,i hope you have a friend.Any progress we have seen is the profit marginis at a criminally mandated corporate mafia called EFFORT,and boy you have no idea whats going to come and hit you on your thick head.

  7. Le Barenete,

    Oh boy, still barking like a mad dog. I give it to you( Amhara) that you never give up. Can you not see the writing on the wall ? You are finished;dead and buried. We receive aid because Ethiopia is poor thanks to your forefathers. But we are determined to make this a thing of the past. And you can be rest assured that we will make it happen and the ‘ tap’ will be ‘turned off’ for good. To achieve this if we have to clear refrafs like you out of the way, we shall do it gladly. Hit us? Who is going to do it ? Have you forgotten that we have completely crippled you. If by any chance you try to be silly, we will send you the Somali or the Afars. Or do you prefer the Oromos ? We are grooming the Oromos and the southern peoples to take over from the one and only Meles. The last nail on the Amhara’s coffin is coming shortly. Be a good boy, go and do some work.

  8. Know your place in History Belay,d`nt dribble all over the place in false and temporary fantasy.You seem to forget its with the permission of the Amhara your Chief Midget is still squatting in ARAT-KILO.I told you,your trait is shameless.True,what can one expect from Adwa? dengaye ras! like the land,nothing else.
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