Israeli government is planning to establish a new Ethiopian-style village

May 12, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed support for the idea, which was brought forth by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, and has asked his advisers to research ways to bring the initiative to life. A discussion on the matter is expected to be held in the coming weeks by the authorities who will be responsible for the village’s establishment. Following the meeting, the project will be submitted for final government approval.

The village is expected to be built near the region of Halutziyot, where some of the communities that were resettled from Gush Katif now live.
According to the plan, each resident of the Ethiopian village will receive a plot of land, where they can start a farm or a tourist site, with government assistance and guidance. Some 100 families will live in the village at first.

“The plan is to give the village characteristics that are unique to the Ethiopian culture, including an Ethiopian museum, a culture center, an Ethiopian restaurant, agricultural plantations and guesthouses,” Katz said. “Until now, the immigrants from Ethiopia have been scattered and hidden at absorption centers. Here you can display an Ethiopian village with the abilities and the heritage. I want this village to be the display window of the Ethiopian olim, a place of which they can be proud.”