UDJ bids farewell to Siye as he heads for Harvard

May 18, 2011

Siye, on his part, pay tribute to his party saying it is one that will “reach to great heights, and with a lot of potential.” He further vowed to serve UDJ and the Ethiopian people upon his return with the knowledge he acquires at Harvard.

Harvard University awards this scholarship to senior government officials who have been in office for at least ten years, and are proven competent in their educational background. Siye will stay in school for one year for this Master of Arts program in Government, Policy and Leadership training.


3 comments on “UDJ bids farewell to Siye as he heads for Harvard

  1. I think its better to teach one of the nautral dog of our hero leader Mels than siye!!!!!
    The known university degrad himselfe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why did Seye not stay on for the May 28 protests? Is he running away just like Meles in the early days of the struggle? And can you imagine spending 50,000 birr on Seye’s send-off party when the populace is suffering under shortages of basic necessities?!

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