Ethiopia signs deal to purchase 200 tanks from Ukraine: official

June 11, 2011

Ukrainian media said the subject of the deal could be Soviet-designed T-72 tanks.

“The deal was signed three days ago. It is one of the biggest deals for the past 15 years,” said the official, speaking in Kiev and declining to be named.

The agreement comes weeks after the Horn of Africa nation signed a deal to buy unmanned aerial vehicles from Israeli company BlueBird Aero Systems for surveillance operations, according to separate Ukrainian media reports.

Authorities in Addis Ababa were not available for comment on either case.

Addis Ababa has been at loggerheads with Eritrea since their 1998-2000 border war which killed around 80,000 people, and both sides have amassed large amounts of troops along their disputed frontier ever since.

Ethiopia is also wary of its porous border with Somalia, which it invaded in late 2006 to topple an Islamist movement in the capital Mogadishu. The intervention sparked an Islamist insurgency which still rages although Ethiopian troops pulled out in early 2009.



6 comments on “Ethiopia signs deal to purchase 200 tanks from Ukraine: official

  1. Some people say we don’t need to spend on Tanks and other Military weapons and equipment. But I say the government should do more to strengthen Ethiopian defence force. Additionally, salaries of soliders and all law inforcement personnel should be adjusted for them to cope with the soaring inflation.

  2. To make democracy work and strong economy you need strong military to keep the security of the country.Good move,

  3. The Governors of Ethiopia have not invaded any country in history, even though they did have the power , since the separation of nations.This deal is very curial for the security of the country to defense the neighbor insane leaders .

  4. hey named as Ethio fact ,better change your name or write the fact.Ethiopia has never and ever invaded against any country.

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