Ethiopia sends logistics supplies for South Sudan peacekeeping mission

July 10, 2011

Last week, the UN Security Council approved Ethiopia’s 4,200 peacekeeping forces to be deployed in the Abyei region of Sudan, which both South Sudan and the North lay claims to.

A referendum is expected to be held to decide to which country the Abyei region, which is rich in oil, wants to be part of.

The logistics head of Ethiopia’s Defence Ministry, Major General, Gezaye Abera, said that all preparations had been finalized to send the Ethiopian mission despite the short time the mission had to complete its preparations.

It is reported that the logistic supply to Abyei region will take eight days to cover the 2,400 kilometres by land.

Both the South Sudan and the government of Sudan have agreed in their earlier accord to welcome the Ethiopian troops to the Abyei region.

The Ethiopian troops, according to the UN resolution, will stay in Abyei region for six months.

The peace making efforts are expected to include a referendum for the Abyei region.

South Sudan will officially become the 54th member state of the African Union (AU) on Saturday, 9 July 2011.

Heads of state and other leaders from various countries, including Omar Hassan al Bashir of Sudan are expected to attend Saturday’s independence ceremony.


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