Ethiopian billionaire wins libel action in UK

July 29, 2011

Judge Richard Parkes QC said it was difficult to imagine more serious allegations.

The site’s publisher and editor-in-chief, Elias Kifle, had denied liability.

The judge said that instead of apologising Mr Kifle had repeated the libel and abused Mr al-Amoudi and his lawyers.

The High Court in London heard Mr Kifle’s response to the initial complaint was: “Here is my formal statement: Screw yourself”.

The court heard Mr Kifle then went on to describe Mr al-Amoudi as a “scumbag bloodsucker” who was “funding al-Qaeda”.

Mr al-Amoudi, 65, gave evidence during the libel trial that he was completely opposed to all forms of terrorism.

The judge said the site alleged that Mr al-Amoudi had “disgracefully and callously” married off his daughter Sarah, then 13, to an elderly member of the Saudi royal family as a gift.
‘Wholly untrue’

The article went on to claim that Mr al-Amoudi was probably responsible for murdering his daughter’s lover in Iraq and had hunted his daughter and granddaughter across London in an attempt to ensure they were stoned to death in Saudi Arabia.

Mr al-Amoudi told the court he was horrified by the “wholly untrue” article which could be seen by visitors to the website between January and August 2010, when it was finally taken down.

Mr al-Amoudi, who has a son and seven daughters, said he had a normal relationship with Sarah, who was not married.

He said she had completed a business administration degree in the UK.

Assessing damages, the judge said: “The claimant is not, I judge, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

“But his distress as he described the effect of the article on himself and on his family was evident to me, and the more so because, as it seemed to me, he was doing his best to preserve his composure.”

Mr al-Amoudi, who was in the top 50 of Forbes magazine’s 2009 rich list, is believed to have made his money in construction, oil refineries and mining.

Mr al-Amoudi, who is of mixed Ethiopian and Arab heritage, is sometimes described as the world’s richest black man.

He was recently reported to be financing the building of Saudi Arabia’s first car factory.


7 comments on “Ethiopian billionaire wins libel action in UK

  1. Elias kifle is special and professional trained liar,maybe he will learn for the future.Maybe he will begging money from the chaotic diaspora.Justice is well done

  2. The patriotic billionaire has been heavily investing in Ethiopia for many years now. In terms of job creation,he is next to the government. Not only this, he also managed to persuade many foreign investers ,with much success, to come to Ethiopia and participate in manufacturing and large scale farming.

    Simply because he supports the EPRDF, he has been subjected to a prolonged and sustained attack by the toxic Diaspora. On daily basis we receive lectures on democracy and freedom of choice by the vociferous minority, and yet, if you have a differing opinion, you are harassed,intimidated and called by all sorts of names under the sun. It is very very unlikely, but it would not be hard to imagine what would happen in Ethiopia if this people were to come to power. Give me Mengistu Hailemariam any time.

  3. Belay, i will harass you.i will intimidate you.i will call you by all sorts of names under the sun.You know why, because you are a shameless,spiteful and incompetent racist with hot air.That is the language you understand! “komatan komata kalalut,abroh yefetefetal”. You have no qualification to comment about Mengistu,the Sheik,or anything about the diaspora or Ethiopia in general. Comment only on your knowledge,which is on agame`related matters;as that is where your level stops.ok?

  4. Le’Barenet,

    I thought I gave you a good hiding before but you are still coming for more. I will not disappoint you, as there is nothing more I enjoy than see a worthless Amhara like you go berserk. You have gone raving stark bonkers and this a clear sign of Amhara desperation. Easy to see you are badly hurting and be rest assured that I will make you and your cousin Solac bleed. Where ever I go, you and your cousin follow me, and that is exactly what an Amhara must do to a Tirgian—follow.

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