Ethiopia amends regulation of foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin, reduces service fees

August 3, 2011

As per the new regulation, applicants of Ethiopian origin who wish to acquire an Identification Card will be charged 100 dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.

A fee of 40 dollars is required for renewal and 60 dollars for the replacement of a lost or damaged identification card of an Ethiopian origin.

“The amendment would inspire foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to take part in the developmental endeavors of their country of origin,” Tesfay Wolde, diaspora information and research directorate director, told WIC.

Since the country began issuing Identification Cards in 2002 around 20,000 foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin became beneficiaries of the rights and privileges prescribed under the law.

“We urge all nationals of Ethiopian origin to get the identification card and enjoy all the rights and privileges,” Tesfaye said.

According to the law, a foreign national of an Ethiopian origin who bears the identification card has the right to enter the country without a visa, no requirement of a residence or work permits and a right to be considered as a domestic investor in Ethiopia, among others.