Kenya’s second intervention in southern Somalia

October 29, 2011

According to reliable sources the Kenyan intervention has the blessing of western and regional blessing, but on the other hand it can be misused by clan interests of some Kenyan individuals of Kenyan of Somali origin.
Kenya declares war against Al-Shabab

On 15 October, Kenya’s security minister George Saitoti told the media that the country as going to pursue Al-Shabab insurgents inside Somalia. During the declaration, the Kenyan defence minister, Mohamed Yusuf Haji was there, and instead of him making the announcement Saitoti did it. Many analysts believe that this was because of Haji’s failure in pursuing clan agendas in Jubbaland.
Although Kenya is claiming that its attacking Al-Shabab because of kidnapping foreigners, its believed that the recent abduction of Spanish aid workers may have been carried out by local Somalis who live at the border.

Kenyan militants of Ogaden clan in collaboration with their clan mates in Somalia have in the last two months targeting innocent Somali refugees, looting their properties and even killing them. So in this case its likely that the same militants took the advantage of Kenyan army laxity to upgrade their banditry by abducting these foreigners to get millions of dollars as ransom.

Kenyan Somali politicians with clan interests…

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