Kenya summons Eritrean envoy over arming of Shabaab

November 4, 2011

The Kenyan military threatened this week to launch air strikes against al-Shabaab arms caches in Somalia, in response to what it said were reports Eritrea had flown two consignments of weapons to the Shabaab stronghold of Baidoa.

Eritrea denies arming the fighters and says such allegations are stirred up by regional rivals to sully its reputation.

Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula told a news conference on Friday he had summoned the Eritrean ambassador and “raised concerns about intelligence that we have and information available that there is a possibility that arms supplies are flowing from his country to al Shabaab”.

“If that be the case, we have a series of options — which I do not need to say here — to deal with the situation,” he said.

Wetangula said he had agreed to an Eritrean request that its foreign minister come to Kenya to discuss the issue. He did not say when the meeting would take place.

A U.N. report in late July said Eritrea was bankrolling al Shabaab and was also behind a plot to attack an African Union summit in Ethiopia. Eritrea called that report “ridiculous and absurd”.

The U.N. has imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, as well as a travel ban and asset freezes on political and military leaders it says are violating an arms embargo on Somalia.

Several East African countries consider al-Shabaab to be a regional security threat. Uganda and Burundi have large contingents fighting against al-Shabaab on behalf of Somalia’s fragile Western-backed government as part of an African force.

Wetangula said Kenya had not invaded Somalia, but was defending it’s territory and supporting the Somali government.

“Make no mistake, Kenya will do everything possible to make sure that … all supplies to al Shabaab must be stopped,” Wetangula said.


One comment on “Kenya summons Eritrean envoy over arming of Shabaab

  1. Kenyans, where have you been all this time since 2006? Welcome to the hall, and enjoy the drama babe.

    In fact, it is a wise move to attack Al-shaba at this time of famine in somalia where the youth are much worried on the wel being of their parents and kins than shabab and its stupid goals.

    The Eritrean embassy in Kenya had been financing Al-shaba for so long, and the Kenyans, of course, knew about this and the fact that Eritrean intelligence officers were using Kenya as a transit to Somalia. But, Kenya kept so quite till this “kidnapping” incident which no one confirmed is done by Al-shabab.
    Anyways, I hope you get progress with your side of war…and thank you for your pragmatic approach to this situation, though its so late!!!
    God bless
    Daniel Obole

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